Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Always a Fighter

Howdy Y`all! Yeah, it has been a while but I think it is time to return to this blog of mine and express somethings again. Let`s talk about the fighting spirit. Now, I was born into a situation in which you either had to fight or you sank to the bottom the and died with a boot pressed against your face. That was the way it was and you know what...few things have really changed.

Yeah, I have escaped the mountains of West Virginia in the material sense but those mountains go with me no matter where I find myself. I still find myself being looked down on, written off and treated as if I am simply not good enough. While I have had my highs and lows in Tokyo, much of it has been expressed in this twisted blog, here I am still struggling and still fighting. It is a cruse and a gift to come from such a screwed up background as mine.

Yet, during my journeys across this mud ball called earth, I find others who also have that odd never ending fighting spirit. It clicks in their head that I am the same as them. They find kinship with me and seem to desire to fight with me instead of fighting against me. The under dogs, the forgotten, the unwanted all `get me` so to speak. It always surprises me when I see that spark in someone`s eyes and they brighten up from the most simple act of kindness or very human way I seem to go about interacting with people. It seems very true that birds of a feather will always flocks together.

So, what do to with all that energy that collects in a single space and time?

Well, we are all struggling and we all seems to keep getting a boot to the face despite our best efforts.

We can do something but we must get our shit together. The problem I see it that far too often we allow all the heavy weight of trying to fight it out wear down on us and we get sloppy. Too much drink, too much anger, too much self hate turns us into men who waste that fighting spirit inside of us. Those who keep a boot in our face can clearly see our weaknesses and they take full advantage of it. We must be ready for battle everyday. We have to lean on each other and when one of us starts to slip, we must slap him around and straighten him out. Everyone needs a kick in the ass sometimes but it must be done with a feeling of compassion instead of a feeling of venting anger.

None of us have to fight alone anymore. We can fight with others besides us. So fuck those who want something to get something in return. Fuck those who seek to use us for their own benefit. Let`s create our own, much better way, of doing things. Hard work...love...and standing by each other is what it is all about.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

NICE: That Damn HillBilly

At first it appeared this would be an easy case. From the moment he was born the job was already half finished. Really, how hard is it to break a dirt poor hillybilly born to a coal miner father and a simple yet loving mother? It is the classic case of `give him enough rope and wait.` Logic would dictate that such a low working class dirtball would take himself out for us. All of them find someway to totally screw up any chance of avoiding being put into their proper place. That is just how his kind are; you know? They are born that way. They are well adjusted to be the shit on the boot of society. All that is needed is to give them some manual labor job, cheap beer, drugs and all the low level vice they can handle and just wait for them to flush themselves down the toilet.

But sometimes that does not work. Sometimes, only a few of them mind you, wise up to their given class status and desire a little more out of life. For those types we go ahead and put them though the system and see how long it takes for them to either give up or totally implode. Usually it takes a couple of years before the desired result is achieved. By that time, they have already developed some behavior habits which will bring about their down fall in short order. Be it women, drugs, mental disorder or anger issues...something will break them.

Yet, sometimes they survive the first round of University study, debt, social integration and dealing with the stress of being placed in an environment with people not of their class. These are the stubborn ones who actually think they are going to make something of themselves. So at that point, it becomes proper to play hardball and take off the kid cloves. He wants to run with the big dogs then so be it. Lay it on him thick without the usual learning curve afforded to those of proper class and birth right. Little dirty redneck thinks he is going to show us up? Damn him and damn anyone who helps him. That bastard of society was not supposed to make it this far. The worst part is that he decided to bit the hand that feeds him.  How dare he demand we show him respect and hand over even a pinch of the power we are entitled to according to our class. If it was not for our mercy he would be on the street selling drugs and being a leach on society.

What do we do with this little man of low class and no honor?

He could kill him. No...that would be too troublesome and require too much effort. He could just take everything away from him which he told near and dear to his heart. No...he might react in a totally insane manner and cause enough damage to have a long lasting effect. We have already made the mistake of educating him on the ways and means of the system. He knows how to create a lot of chaos; the kind of chaos we would rather avoid. Despite the fact that we cannot kill him nor take away what is dear to him, we cannot continue to allow him to freely do as he pleases. That situation is simply not acceptable. He is like a little virus which will just not go off some place and die peacefully. An infection, while not life threatening, still poses a constant threat of costing some of us a few fingers and toes. Yes! Something must be done.

Considering the usual means of dealing with such a man are not practical nor fitting, a little keenness is needed. Remember, he is in the system. A system we created and maintain. It may be best to keep him in the system. Everything is so well structured and in control that a little dirty virus or slight infection is not enough to bring down the entire house of cards. Ah! I got it! Let`s ignore him! Yes! We just not draw attention to him. Do not let others know about him. Let him create all the chaos he wants. It does not matter because he is, after all, one man. Just one little man from low class with no hope of ever reaching the level of inspiring the masses.

He is just one man...right? 

Friday, September 7, 2012

What is the Big Difference Between You and Me Japan?

Howdy yall! You know, after going though the honeymoon, the frustration, the rage, the quake, and breakdown and the fuck it phase of living in Japan, what comes next? It hard to give Japan pure hell or totally love this island I call home. It is an odd situation to live in Japan on a long term basis.

 I have not returned to America in years. I often ask myself why. I have been unable to come up with an answer. I just keep staying here year after year hacking out a life for myself. I do not see, or consider, the end goal of living in Japan. I came here several years ago and I have just stayed. It appears more and more clear to me that Japan is becoming home. I have said it before but recently it has hit me harder than usual. I really have no plans to transplant to another country; not even the one I was born in.

Yet, no matter how long I live here it appears I will be viewed as odd or not totally fit to fit in Japanese society. I am viewed as something different which is not be to melted into society. It is fucked up and I often wonder what the hell is Japan`s big problem with the non-native born.

I often look at modern history(A.K.A post empire Japan) to explain this very unusual habit of many people in Japan to view me as forever the outsider. The people are Japan are really proud of their island nation. They have been though a lot to reach the point they are now. After the war, Japanese became a hardcore exploited people. Everyone lined up to ram their dick right in Japan`s asshole as deep as possible. The people of Japan had little choice but to bend over and take it. While I can understand that some of it has been well justified considering that Japan was once hell bent on taking over Asia and the world if they could have pulled it off, a lot of it was just good old capitalist opportunism. It takes one hell of a greedy vile bastard to strong arm a nation, which had two nuke bombs dropped it, to accept the building of nuclear power plants on it`s soil. America set up a very enlightened government structure and a constitution and handed it over to pretty much the same vile piles of shit who were in control of the country before. The US plants it military on Japanese soil in the form of military bases by bribing the political leaders and ever asking the actual people of Japan if they are okay with it. Then there is the massive amount of foreigners who come to this nation and act like total jackasses displaying a complete disregard for the entire culture and the people. With such realization of just some of the things the common person in Japan has put up with over the years, no wonder many of them keep foreigners at kicking distance.

But after dealing with this daily year after year, it gets to the point in which you want to scream at people saying `What is fuck is yalls god damn problem?! Do I have to start from square one with everyone of you every fucking time?! Get over the fact that I don`t look like you and I was not born here! Fuck!`

Trust me...I have had some epic rants on this issue before here on this blog.

My point here that there is a difference of culture between the native land I was born in and the place I now seemingly call home. Yet, there comes a point in which there needs to be an understanding that not every foreigner is someone to be mistrusted and assumed to be at high risk to exploit everyone and everything around them. It is time for this default setting to be changed in Japan.

Yes, it is true that there are a lot of fat ass, loud mouth, self-righteous fucks in the western world. Although, that does not mean people from the west should be put into a box and assumed to be that way until proven otherwise.

Westerners and Japanese are very different on several keys points but we all are human. It is time to realize the fact of our shared humanity and celebrate the differences while promoting the similarities.    

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Americans Starting to Finally Crack Up. Summers Shootings Sign of a Weak Society

Howdy Yall! You know, from time to time I think it is important that I write about the old country. That place on the other side of the planet called The United States of America. This summer has been a little rough on my fellow countrymen. They have been dealing with a harsh heatwave; which I am sure has made some of them regret all those donuts they ate. Also, there has been several dark and twisted shootings this summer which have shocked the American society and been the endless topic of discussion on countless on-line forums. Most of the discussions have been focused on the old pro/anti gun debate. That debate, in my opinion, is like beating on a dead horse. I will not get into that here in my blog. Don`t ask me to do it either. My take of these recent shootings is a bit different and often refused to be talked about.

Random violence carried about by unhinged people is a sign of a weak society, a break down of social duty and communities based on social status rather than human bonds.

That`s right America! You have allowed yourself to become a society of greedy, self absorbed, weak little piggies who have little or no concern for your own surroundings. Ask most Americans what their neighbor does to make money and most likely they cannot tell you. Hell, ask them what their neighbor`s name is and what their hobbies are and you will get the same answer. It appears painfully clear that human bonds are at an all time low in America. People simply don`t give a fuck about each other anymore. This is exactly why nut jobs are able to fester in a local community until one day they snap and kill a boat load of people. No one gives a damn what crazy Charlie across the street is thinking and doing everyday until he starts shooting people. Then you want to lock him up in jail and forget about him. Everyone will put all the blame on Charlie without giving a second thought about societies failure to keep an eye on him. It is true that before someone goes on a killing spree there are plenty of signs that they are planning to do it. For example: If you see your neighbor hanging out with Neo-Nazi, talking to himself or doing odd things at all times of the day or night you might want to keep an eye on them or try to talk to them. You might prevent something dark and twisted from happening.

Yet, few people will do anything until it is too late. After a shooting rampage people always say things like, `I knew he was crazy` or `I knew he was up to something.` Well, if you knew something was up why did you sit back and not try to find out if your neighbor was getting ready to go off? Were you lazy, shy, scared or just so self-absorbed that you thought it was not your problem? Well, when you family and friends are dead on the street it is your problem.

You see how that works?

If you want to have a safe community, then you have to be part of creating a strong community. There is no logic to be found in simply saying it is not your problem until something happens. As long as society is self absorbed and weak, you will have a high number of twisted people just waiting for the day to go off and kill innocents.

Something to think about.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

`You Will Never Be One of Us` A Japanese Native Finally Admits It. The Merger of Nationalism and Race in Japan.

Howdy! I have not touched on this topic in a while because there are bigger things going on here on the island. Yet I`ll be damned if someone does not say something which forces it back on topic. If you have lived in Japan long enough, you will notice something about native Japanese. Many, but not all, feel they are special simply because they are Japanese. They do not feel they are special because they have a unique personality, are highly educated, have gain a certain level of success in life or anything like that at all. They feel they are special because they were born Japanese and the rest of the world was not. This type of mindset can also be found in the United States; yet it is a little different. In the states this type of nationalism is not so connected to race and ethnic background as it is in Japan. You will find many Americans who feel that simply because they were born in the United States of America they are special and just a little better than people from other nations. 

Let me make it very clear that nationalism is not a bad thing. Nationalism, when it comes organically(often referred to as patriotism) from the people, is an attempt by the people to protect their own nation is ensure their own collective survival. Although, when nationalism is promoted by `the state` it often produces hatred and elitism among the population toward those who are not a citizen of said nation. As we all know, a nation fully ran and controlled by the people is hard to create and even harder to maintain. While Americans have gone to great lengths to smash racism from their nation and now struggle to take back their own government, many people in Japan refuse to deal with racism and have never really had full control over their government. Such differences is exactly why the opinion which the person in the video below expresses is common in Japan.

As you watched in the video, he clearly says `You will never be Japanese.` His reasoning for this is not shocking for me due to the strong sense of tribalism in Japan which can be a pure bitch to deal with at times. Now, to give this person credit, he is trying to be polite. He does try to hide his own racism by mixing it with nationalism. He takes the position that because he was born in Japan(nationalism) and has Japanese blood(racism) that he is Japanese and someone who was not born in Japan and does not have Japanese blood can never be Japanese. Even if you master the language, pay taxes, maintain a job be a part of society and gain citizenship you can never be Japanese according to this person`s mindset. Of course, such a mindset is very silly when you consider the nature of human society. Human society has no choice but to change and evolve over time. For any human society to survive it must become more diverse and have fresh ideas injected into it. Japan is a society which is thousands of years old. It has been evolving for a long time into what we see today. Does anyone really think that Japan has survived this long without immigration? Koreans and Chinese have been immigrating to Japan for almost as long as there has been a Japan.  I know from my own experience that the average person in Japan feels a hard sting when ever you mention Korean or Chinese immigration. They hate to admit that Koreans and Chinese people have been influencing Japanese society for a very long time.  Bring up how they have treated Koreans and Chinese over the years and they feel the sting even deeper.

It seems to be that many people in Japan want to feel special simply because they have so-called Japanese blood and are born in Japan. Well, if they are so special then why has Japanese society depended on immigration so much over the years to inject fresh ideas into the society, increase the overall population, create a larger labor force and even provide for a larger military? It seems to be that this idea that native born Japanese are somehow special and unique started during the empire days of Japanese history. It was during the days of empire that Japanese society started to regard themselves as being better than other Asians and felt that it was their right to have dominance over them. Even today Japanese history refers to WW2 as `The War of Asian Liberation` as to somehow suggest that it was Japan which was protecting the `lower` Asians from the evil westerners. When in fact it was the Japanese empire which was exploiting other Asian cultures and using force to gain the advantages of mingling with other cultures.

In my opinion, post WW2 Japan only made the situation worse. For the first time, being exploited was on the other shoe for Japan; and it keeps going on even to this day. After being exploited by westerners powers for about 64 years the idea that Japanese are special are unique seems to be a way native born Japanese blind themselves to their own exploitation.  You know, `We are special so we get special treatment from America. We are not being exploited.` Many westerners come to Japan and exploit the hell out of this island. In order to deal with that it seens to me many Japanese say that, `We are special and unique which is why so many gaijin want to come and live here.` In reality, many westerners come to Japan because they can make a decent amount of money, behave with total disregard for what is happening around them, not have to get involved in any aspect of Japanese society and cherry pick the parts of Japan they like and create their own image of Japan to brag to their friends about. So, you can see how a lot of Japanese would create an elitist attitude about being native born in Japan even if it carries no real weight in the big picture. Their racism does them no favors but to give them piece of mind that they are `special.`

It would make far better sense, at least to me, to give up on nationalist racism and focus more on trying to find allies who understand their situation and frustration over what Japan has become. Maybe then they could start to break the chains which the post-war era and modern globalism agenda has placed on their society. Yet, to simply think that `We are Japanese and we are special` without the ass to cash the checks their mouths are writing, will put them in an even deeper hole than they already are.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Redneck Knows Whats up! Asshole!

Howdy! It is me again. Everyone`s favorite gaijin rebel. Once again I take to writing on this little blog of mine to express things which are often not expressed when it comes to the topic of Japan. I know, some of you really fucking hate me. Some people out there even think that I am a dumb ass hillybilly without a clue. I am okay with such thinking these days because I am much stronger then when I first started writing this blog. For example, take a look at that picture there. Yeah, that is me. I must have been about 24 in this picture. It was taken in Vegas of all places. I was trying to look good for the lady. She was special to me, and still is, a big part of my life. In those days I was a rebel with no direction nor purpose. I hated the way things were but had no clear idea as to how to change things. All I knew was that I did not like the ways things were. I could feel it in my heart but had no way to clearly express the major problems I saw daily. So...what did I do? Well, I rebelled in every way I could.

I hated the massive amount of racism which surrounded me. So, I decided to refuse to date white women as a rejection of the thinking that white women were better than non-white gals. In fact, my best emotional and sexual experiences have been with non-white women. Taste the world boys, and you will never go back to white gals. I hated how everyone focused on money all the time. So, I started to barter with my friends and avoid exchanging money as much as I could. I offered `other` services in exchange for a bit of `the good life.` The power of the cult of personality became very clear to me at a very early age. If people `like you` you would be surprised what they will do for you in exchange for your time or company. If you can make people feel good either with your ideas or charm, they will give you all the `gold` you could ever want. It still amazes me how I can get people to do things for me just because they `like me.` Yet, all is not perfect in Never Never Land.

Something happened which I did not expect....I got older and my mind aged with my body.

Wisdom is a gift and a curse. I am sure it happened as I left my 20`s. I had spend the majority of my 20`s rebelling against the things I did not like at random. I had no clear plan nor direction. I reacted very naturally without fear of punishment or social backlash. In my late 20`s I got my first taste of hardcore establishment at the highest levels. Think about it, rebellious guy in his late 20`s given total control of an entire area of a company. I was given free reign to do as I wished as long as nothing went wrong. I thought I had achieved exactly what I wanted; having the power to change things from the inside out. Damn...was I wrong.

It did not take long for me to see that something was not as it seemed. I was told to do as I see fit but I also noticed that I got blamed for many things which I had nothing to do with. At first, I brushed it off as assholes being assholes...but that was my biggest mistake. You see, in the corporate world assholes run the show. There are no good people in management so you can get a good picture as to my situation. Shit really does flow in one direction...straight fucking down hill! If one of those assholes could blame me for something, they would do so gladly. So, in my rebellious nature I decided to fight. Little did I know that assholes always play dirty. I underestimated the slimy level assholes will go in order to save their own ass. I was shocked and beside myself by what I witnessed go down. They tried to set everyone up. It made me sick to my stomach and gave me nightmares for months! Yet, I survived it all and came out of it pretty clean. I did lose my so-called title but I did not care about that so much in the first place. I will never forget that experience for as long as I live because it was a turning point on my life. I finally realized what the problem was...greed hate and ego.

It all really comes down to these things; greed, hate and ego.

When I was a little bit younger, I did not realize the driving forces I was playing on to get the things I wanted. Now, I am fully aware, at the age of 32, exactly what drives men and women of power. Give them a chance to make more money; they will love you. Give them a change to take revenge on those they see as a threat; they will love you. Give them a regular boost to their ego; they will consider you as a half god. Yet, the moment you challenge the establishment or do something which puts their power in question, they will come at you with all the rage of hell. It is still shocking for me to see someone change so quickly in regards to their attitude towards me. I have seen men and women go from worshiping the ground I walk on to cursing the same ground to the fires of hell. If I do not make them money, help them destroy others or feed their ego, I must be against them. This is the mind set we, the common people, are dealing with. And in Tokyo, the seat of the national government, greed hate and ego rules over everything.

If you dig deep enough in this blog, you will read about my struggle to understand the darkness which surrounds me. It is a pretty interesting story to say the least. A mountain boy comes to the big bad city of Tokyo. He is amazed by all that he sees. People seem to `like` him. Then once his natural since of justice is exposed, the darkness comes to destroy him. Yet, the hate greed and ego did not destroy me. I am still here and standing taller than before. These days, I am fully aware of whats up and I do not approve. I could easily run but I don`t like the easy way. I would rather stand and fight. You would be surprised by how many good people there actually are in Tokyo. The problem is that they are scared of what is to come. Japan is damn near on the verge of revolution and many people are scared of such things. They don`t know if they should go for it or sit on the fence and wait it out. That is where my foreignness comes into play. If they see that I can break the so-called rules, speak my mind openly and live a life with meaning, well who knows what might happen. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Until You See It For Yourself....Japanese ARE Trying to have Democracy

Japan has never been an easy place to understand. That may be a major understatement, but it is important to remind ourselves of that fact from time to time. If you have not noticed, Japan is unique even in Asia. Attempts at democracy are not the norm in Asia. Most of Asia has been, and still is, under the control of some form of directorship or fascist government often pretending to be socialist or communist. The closest thing to socialism any nation in Asia has would be Vietnam. Yet, even in Vietnam the process has had setbacks. Yet, here in Japan the people have been giving democracy the "old college try" since the post war days.

I know...we see all the massive corruption, lies, gang connections and total disconnect the government of Japan displays on a daily basis and we think to ourselves; "There is no democracy in this nation." That is easy enough to think and say. It is easy to see things that way because most people do not see the people of Japan fight for their rights and stand up for democracy. So many foreigners see the Japanese as meek defeated people who have decided to lay down and take it up the ass from their government. If you see the Japanese in such a manner, then it is very clear that you have not been paying attention.

I often wonder these days what is it everyone expects from the Japanese people on a daily basis. Do people want them to be loud, rude, direct and generally hostile to everyone they meet? I have done plenty of that in my life and I know the results of such a lifestyle. American style of rebellion is not the same as Japanese rebellion. Yes! Japan has a different culture and different history! They don't go about their daily lives in the same manner at people in the west do. Yeah, a lot of them want to scream and shout at all the ugly they see everyday. I am sure under all that sternness and seriousness there is a wild rebel begging to come out. Most Japanese have been brainwashed. You MUST understand that! It took me a long time to understand that fact. Until I did realize there has been some major brainwashing which has went down in this nation, I used to think Japanese are meek people as well.

But...times they are a changing...

An every growing number of Japanese people are getting pissed the fuck off. So angry in fact that can can no longer hold their peace about it. I know this because I have been right there with them. Do you wanna see what I am talking about? Here take a look and tell me what you think.

So that is what I have seen. Yes! I am the one filming and uploading those videos you may or may not have seen before. Times they are a changing in Japan. These people are not meek nor are they defeated. It just took them a long time, and the right major event to happen, to help them to get pissed off enough to take to the street and demand democracy work in their favor.