Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Man Gets Busted Fucking his Patio Table WTF!!!

I was wondering around digg when I come across an article about a man who has been arrested for fucking his patio table. Now, my first reaction was to laugh my ass off; which I did of course. Just reading the title of the article makes me laugh because it is a really stupid thing to get arrested for in the first place. Second, who fucks their patio table!?

The guy is married with three kids and he would come outside totally naked between the hours of 10:00 and 11:00 am and have his way with the patio table. The worst part of all this is that his patio is in direct eye sight of a school for little kids and a playground. I know that we all have a some kink in us but this guy takes it way too far.

What was this guy thinking!? Did it feel THAT good? He told the police in detail how he would screw the table repeated times totally in the nude.

This makes me wonder about the state of American culture. Have we Americans gone off the deep end. What else are people into in America these days. What can`t we fuck up!? Is everything a sex object these days? I just can`t look at another patio table the same ever again. The mug shot of the guy looks like one of those guys who spends way too much time reading comic books and watching Japanese cartoons.

This is the article about the man who likes to fuck tables.