Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wapanese and Weeaboo WTF!?

Recently I have come across a term which threw me for a loop. A post over at titled I,Weeaboo. The gentlemen writes about being more offended by being called a Weeaboo than gaijin. I am NOT going to get into the whole gaijin issue. That is best left for another post for another day. I wanna blog about this strange Weeaboo and Wapanese thing.

At first, I did not know what the person over at was referring to at all. Once I found out what the hell he was talking about, I was left thinking WTF!? In short Weeaboo(or Wapanese) is someone who has an obsession with Japanese cartoons and Japanese culture; yet takes it a step beyond. A Weeaboo thinks that Japan is better than any other nation on the planet. They hate their own culture and attempt to act as if they are Japanese; failing in this effort of course. I must say that the term Weeaboo is one of the most immature school yard bullshit I have never heard in my life!

I am sure the gentlemen who runs is far from fitting the term Weeaboo. In fact, most foreigners living in Japan, or have an interest in Japan, are not Weeaboo. The term borders on racism in the first place. Just think of such a term coming out of the mouth of someone from Japan. A lot of people already have issues with the term gaijin. If young kids in Japan started calling foreigners Weeaboo it might cause street fights.

Further more, take a look at myself. Hell, I live in Japan and you won`t see me going nuts over Japanese culture at all. For me, it is just another culture. The Japanese are not perfect by any means. They can be just as fucked-up as any other culture in the world. I do not defend Japan nor do I attack it. I just call it as I see it. Sometimes Japan can be a good place to live. There are others times when Japan can be a pretty fucked-up place to live. It all depends on the situation.

So, if someone really likes Japan and Japanese culture more power to them. If it makes them happy that is cool with me. Chill with the weeaboo and wapanese name calling. It really is a bunch of childish bullshit!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Texas Burgers Offered Up By McDonald`s Japan

Eating at McDonald`s in Japan may seen to some like a waste of time. For the average person with dreams of living in Japan, hitting up a McDonald`s instead of enjoying the various ethnic food may seem insane. Well, when you are on the run or trying to catch a quick bite on your lunch break McDonald`s looks real attractive. McDonald`s Japan knows this fact all too well and offers up different `special burgers` to hook in the masses.

I had been avoiding McDonald`s for a while after the slightly annoying Mr. James ad campaign but I am a forgiving man. Hell, they are currently offering up a special run of burgers called `Big American.` I love a big burger so I have been hitting up McDonald`s around Tokyo to try out these big ass burgers. The first one was called `New York burger` but it seemed to have a damn limited run as I was unable to give it a go. The second one called `Texas burger` is sticking around a bit longer. I got excited about having a Texas Burger after seeing a commercial for it on the train. After seeing such a interesting idea for a burger in Japan, I was all game to order something not on the 100 yen menu again.

Well, after trying it once I am hooked. It is actually pretty good. I first gave it a go while I was drinking some Jack Daniels with a few friends. It makes for a pretty good drunk burger. I shared with my drunken Japanese buddies and they enjoyed it as well. While it did take care of the drunk munchies, the big test came at work. I have been working at Kokubunji a lot recently with a fellow co-worker who can be hard to please when it comes to burgers. I talked him into giving the Texas Burger a go for lunch. I thought he would hate it but he liked it for the most part. His only complaint was that is had too much bread and not enough meat. Fair enough, the extra bread is a bit much.

McDonald`s Japan seems to have a hit on its hands. The hungry masses will have a nice burger to enjoy at McDonald`s for a while. The company plans to offer up a `California Burger` and a `Hawaii Burger` in the near future. The `New York` may also make a return. Anyway, check out the official promo from the McDonald`s Japan Website here

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

50 Yen Beer Is Worth All The Trouble

Some things just cannot be resisted. Even when you know it may turn out bad somethings are worth any potential problems. This is what I thought when I got an e-mail at work for an invite to go to a 50 yen beer bar. Yes that`s right; down in Gotanda there is a 50 yen beer at the back end of blowjob ally.

I would have never known about this down and dirty part of Gotanda if not for my drunken co-worker`s never ending quest to get hammered in the worst places in Tokyo. My co-worker`s share my love of getting drunk on the cheap. They know full well that no matter how fucked up the location; if the drinks are cheap I am game. So after a few rounds of exchanging e-mails between two different company branches, the night had been set.

It had been a long day of teaching and working closely with my Japanese counter-part doing sales. He is a great guy and all but his English skill is very low. Despite our languages differences, we communicate pretty well and find a way to make some money together. I also had to file a few detailed student reports. I was damn ready to get drunk.

When I meet up with my co-workers at Gotanda station, they are very eager to get good and plastered. Actually, they gave me a little shit for being the last one to show up. It is all in good fun because I dish out twice as much shit talk on a regular basis. Gotanda is not my regular stomping grounds so I was a little more mellow than usual.

To tell the truth, Gotanda is usually the turf of Alex the Brit. I met Alex a little over a year ago though work. and he have been drinking buddies ever since. He has gotten shitty drunk with me on many outings in the concrete jungle of Tokyo. I have been so wasted with this guy that there were a few times I wondered if we gonna be able to handle ourselves on the train.

Anyway, Alex lead the way as Damian(another co-worker) and myself followed. As we are walking down the street Damian takes a quick liking to the area, while I still was trying to feel the place out. It did not take long for Alex to make the infamous comment, `Oh lads! This bar in at the back end of blowjob alley. You can get a BJ around here for 3,000 yen.` At first I thought he was joking but soon enough I saw that he was dead serious. When we turned down the alley to get to the bar it was lined with just about every kind of sex business one can think of. It makes perfect sense for a 50 yen beer bar to be in the thick of such a seedy back street. Some over worked and under sexed salary man can get totally smashed for about 2,000 yen and then stagger out the bar and right into a BJ for 3,000 yen. For 5,000 yen said salary man can get drunk and buy himself a little action.

Anyway, I had zero interest in paying for sex of any kind. I wanted to get drunk for cheap. When we rolled up on this place there were two chicks from Kansi waiting for us. They were friends of Alex. Apparently, they live in the same apartment building as Alex. In usual Kansi style, they were relaxed, friendly, and lacking an uptight attitude. A nice change from the usual gal running around in Tokyo.

Once we got into this down and out bar, we were instructed to go to the third floor. I was a bit surprised the place actually had several floors instead of one massive hall of drunken fury. None the less, Alex was getting all excited about drinking 50 yen beer. The cheaper the beer the more excited he gets usually. So, we sit down and a young Japanese guy walks up asking how many drinks we wanted. At that time, we find out a few requirements. We had to order at least one small dish and could only order one beer at a time for each person. We were able to get away with not having to order something to eat for each person but the one beer per person a round was a set in stone policy. A `no two fist of glory` policy sucked but for 50 yen beer I did not complain. I order one small dish of baby soy beans and played ball. 

It seemed that Alex was interested and getting drunk and chatting up his two lady friends from his building. Fair enough I thought, Alex has been trying to enjoy life a bit more anyway. He is trying to get the most of living in Japan and life in general. Damian seemed to have a different agenda all together. He wanted to get drunk and get laid. He pulls this stunt way too often. Any women who looks at him he will size-up he chances of sleeping with her. He will also hit on just about any women. I actually find it kind of funny until I start to get drunk. Once I get drunk I want to pal around a bit. It can be a challenge to keep him focused on hanging-out while at the same time handle my drunken state. He is a cool dude despite his never ending raging hormones.

Anyway, as the night went on all of us got pretty drunk. Alex had a good time getting shit faced and talking to the Kansi chicks. Damien got kind of hammered himself yet failed in his efforts to pick-up any chicks. He did not work up the balls to actually put the moves on any gals that night. As for me, I was completely hammered. For some strange reason I was a bit of an angry drunk that evening. I did not go off or anything but I did feel a bit aggressive. I guess it came from a long day of worked combined with an argument I had with someone the night before. Kind of freaked me out actually. I kept my shit together but I felt as if I wanted to smack the dog shit out of someone the entire night.

Overall, it was a pretty good night. I got drunk with some buddies from work for damn cheap. The only thing was, I really do not remember how the hell I got home. While this is normal for me, waking-up completely confused is something which usually does not happen. Oh well until next time...