Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Polysics--Japan`s Kings of High Tension Pop Rock

As we all know there are a lot of things about Japan that many Gaijin kind odd and sometimes even strange. Japan is a very different place in the world which is all apart of the charm which attracts so many people to the kookiness of the land of the raising sun. I do not look down on Japanese cultural for their odd ball ways; actually I admire them. I kind it amazing that entire culture of people have mellowed themselves out to the point of just wanting to have fun, laugh, and live in peace as much as they can.

Japan is not a perfect culture by any means. They have their problems just like any nation. They are facing the same negative effects of globalism, increasing pressure from the UN, and the raise of aggressive policies on the international front. Despite all of these things the Japanese take to silly humor and creative ways to relieve stress and adjust to a vastly changing world.

Case in point is the band Polysics. This pop rock outfit from Japan has been able to put the expression `high tension person` into music with a blend of DEVO smashed together with J-pop to create a sound and look unlike any band before them. There fans are crazy for the band. They dress up just like the band for each show. Their live shows are more like a release superhyper people. A Polysics show is like a rubber room for the `high tension person.`

Check out these videos of the band who ate too much candy! Ploysics

New Wave Jacket

I My Me Mine

Ah Yeah!