Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eki Beer

Slowly my habits have changed since moving to Tokyo. I find myself doing things which I have never had the habit of doing before. Case in point is the after work Eki beer. I know that some people would make a big fuss about drinking a beer on the train after work. I don`t understand why some people get upset about it; but they do all the same. Anyway, usually I grab a tall boy from the local 7-11 on my way home. It is easy for me as well as convenient. The train ride from Nerima to Bukudo is lonely as not so many people are using the local train when I get off work. So, I can get a whole car to myself to relax and a tall cold one.

I have been doing the `Eki beer` thing for several months now. It is kind of like an after work tradition for me. I really do not feel like I have gotten off work until cold beer passes across my lips. Well, after a while all traditions must be modified just to keep things fresh. So, recently i have had more interaction with instructors and management. This leads to many more chances to go out and get hammered. Sadly, getting totally smashed everyday after work really wears me down. A solution to this is the Eki beer at the station. Recently, when I have a partner for the day we usually end up have an Eki beer after work. When we arrive at bukudo we hang out for a bit at the station and finish off our beers. While this is fun nothing beats buying a few cans of beer and slamming then down at front of the JR Yamanote central entrance. I have caught several good buzz right there at the JR Yamanote gate.

So, remember kids if you really want to relax after work grab yourself cheap beer from the 7-11, find a good seat on the train, and slam down a cold one. Even better plan a meet up with a drinking buddy for a few rounds at the station. A change of pace is good for everyone.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

YUZU Lemon Flavored Potato Chips

Japan is known for its unique food. It seems that the Japanese will try anything once. I mean, pepsi blue is a good example of the `try anything once` stance most Japanese take towards food and drink. Anyway, in the evenings I often go to Seiyu to pick up little ins and outs the gal request I bring home. Usually, I end of buying normal stuff like eggs and such. Recently, I was walking down the chips aisle when something caught my eye. A bag of Doritos with a lemon on the front was enough to give me pause. Lemon flavor is not what I think of as a good choice for chips. Although, this being Japan anything should be expected when it comes to food.

So, I bought a bag of this odd potato chip just for the hell of it. As I carried it home I had a feeling that I just wasted my money. I mean, how can lemon flavored chips ever taste good? A lemon is not usually used as the main taste in most foods. It is usually used an extra additive. It is just an extra kick added to spice up a meal.

When I got the stuff home the gal both laughed and snuffed at the odd little snack. This made me ever more hesitant to give the stuff a try. Determined to eat what I bought, I did pay for it after all, I took a shower, ate dinner, and finally sat down to try out YUZU. To my surprise, it is actually not that bad. I was expecting a shock of lemon taste which would make my mouth feel like a desert. The lemon flavor is actually not all that strong. It has a kind-of smooth , by lemon standards, taste. There is a slight sweet after taste which mellows out the lemon flavor.

By far I enjoyed YUZU Doritos! Lemon flavored potato chips are damn good! I suggest giving them a try.

Update: I know that Doritos are made from corn meal. I use potato chips as a general term.