Thursday, April 9, 2009

Old Man Winter Finally Leaves Tokyo the Hell Alone

I have been waiting for what seems like forever. The winter was long and hard but now it seems as if Tokyo will get nothing but warmer temperatures until at least September. I always thought the winters in West Virginia were pretty unforgiving. Dealing with multiple blizzards and being trapped within a mountain village for weeks on end is not a pleasant situation. Hell, I think West Virginia people might have coined the phrase `Cabin Fever.` Yet, surviving a winter in Tokyo is a horse of a different color.

Heavy snow is not really an issue in Tokyo. I have only seen snow in Tokyo once. It snowed for a few minutes and none of it stuck. It is the wind and the bitter cold that is a real pain in the ass to deal with in Tokyo. Never the less, winter seems to be gone and the beauty cherry blossoms and warm weather is finally here.

Now, I am left with the desire to out and enjoy the nice weather. I got a few options. I could head over the Yoyogi park. It has always been my favorite park in Tokyo. There is just something about the place which attracts me. I guess it is the fact that there is usually some action to be had at Yoyogi park. You never know who you might pick up as a running mate for the day. I have had some interesting experiences just hanging in Yoyogi park. Hell, I might end up there today.

My other option to take in some of the nice weather is just wonding around Tokyo taking in all the slights and sounds. This is always fun indeed. Tokyo is a strange place. Almost anything can happen at any time. As long as I am able to avoid running into a total psycho a good walkabout can provide plenty of cheap thrills.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is The Economic Squeeze Finally Starting to Effect Tokyojin?

The big talk these days is this whole world economic crisis. I keep tabs on such things due to my radical political past. In the states I was one of those Ron Paul patriots types. You know, the ones who tried to tell everyone that there was a problem. Sadly, everyone laughed at us when we said that the house of cards was about to fall and bring about a N.W.O. Now who is crazy?

After all the hell raising and trying to save the republic, I now find myself in Japan watching the world burn. On this blog I have skipped over my patriot adventures. The main reason I have not really wrote about that part of my life is due to all the socialist thought I run across on the English speaking J-web. Socialist tend to drag out the hate parade pretty quick. They can be some real mean bastards when you disagree with them. So, as I hide out in the land of the raising sun watching the world fall into centralized control by a small group of elites I wonder; how is everyone holding up in Tokyo?

People have a bad habit of not talking about money openly in Tokyo. I guess this is the norm across Japan. If a person is having money problems in Tokyo, they tend to not want to discuss it with anyone. One day they just jump in front of a train to end all their pain; fucking up a lot of people`s day in the process. In my opinion, suicide is a show of weakness which deserves no mercy; but that is just me. I have been though some hard times but not once did I even consider killing myself. It makes no sense to me how a person can decide that suicide solves anything. Hell, Japan has got a population decrease issue. They should be trying to encourage people not do kill themselves. Yet, dingle berries like Aso are chosen by `the party` to lead the nation.

Are you ready to jump in front of a train? Are your money problem gotten so bad that you want to roll over and give up? I for one am actually doing just fine. The great sea of shit flowing over the world has, so far, not put a nice brown stain on my underwear yet. Lets here how all of you Tokyo people are doing. Maybe we can air out the room a bit so to speak.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Okay! I am going to learn some decent Japanese!

I have been putting it off for way too long. I really need to speak much better Japanese. It can only be good for me. I am tired of not being able to communicate with most people. I am sick of the stress that comes with living in a nation in which most people cannot communicate with me effectively. I have even experienced a bit of depression from not being able to talk with most people normally. I want to be understood when I have something to say. The only way this is going to happen is for me to learn to speak the native language of the nation I call home.

Desire and action are too very different animals. I have desired to learn decent Japanese for a while now; yet my action has not matched my desire. Actually, I can speak a little. I cannot hold a decent conversation but in a hard pressed situation I can squeeze out a few phrases. Now, I am trying to match my action to my desire. This evening I signed up at I have heard so many things about this website and I am going to give it a go. I got an account but I have to wait until payday to buy a webcam because I am a cheap bastard. I also plan on finding me a good book shop and pick a decent beginner Japanese textbook to help me out. When I first arrived in Japan I took a survival course in Japan from some little Japanese language school. I will review all of that stuff as well. At this point I am just trying to learn how to speak Japanese. I will learn how to write it at a later point.

I know that a lot of people pride themselves on being able to read and write Japanese. Currently, I do not need to read and write the stuff. I just need to speak the damn language. Once I feel confident about speaking I will try to read and write. It may be hard to find a teacher who will only teach me how to speak. From what I have noticed they want you to also learn to write the stuff. The thing is, trying to learn how to speak and write at the same time will confuse me. I understand how hard it is to read and speak a second language. My heart goes out to my students everyday. Some of them try so hard to get better.

So, wish me luck in my efforts to get better. I will try my best to speak better Japanese.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Right-Wing in Japan Is Insane.

Leave it to the right-wing in Japan to ruin even the most beautiful moments in life. Case in point is the past Friday. Due to the weather, I was not able to get in some cherry blossom viewing until this past Friday. The weather was finally great and I was feeling good. I decided to go down to Yoyogi park. Yoyogi has some of the best cherry blossoms in Tokyo. It also has some of the best cherry blossom parties. I arrived around 1:00 p.m. In my usual lone ranger style I made no plans to meet up with anyone. Although I enjoy meeting up with people from time to time,it is fun for me to dive head first into downtown Tokyo all by myself.

So after I hopped off the Yamanote train at Harajuku station, I make a bee line for Yoyogi park. It was already packed with people. The ground was covered with blue tarps and drunken cherry blossom lovers. I found me a comfortable spot, out of the way, against the base of a large tree. For about two hours I just sat, drank, and enjoyed the beauty around me. It was enjoyable to just look at the cherry blossoms and all the people having a good time. It was fun of course until I was invited to join one of the groups drinking.

I caught the eye of a few gals in business suits. They invited me over to their tarp for a drink. I thought to myself, `Ok What is the worst that could happen?` After having a drink with them the group beside them dragged me over to their tarp. They were a young group of so-called `freeders` for the most part. They were fun, although way too drunk way too early. After some time this one guy starts talking to me. He tells me, `I hate Americans but I like you.` My first reaction was to slap him in the mouth for speaking to me in such a manner. You do not say such things to Americans. It is real stupid to tell an American that you hate America. I decided to let it go for the time being. I did not want to get pissed off.

Anyway, the gals were nice and everyone else was being nice to me. Although, I could feel that something was not right with the situation. Most of the men did not like me for some reason. A few of them were okay but I could feel that most of them wanted to make trouble. Lucky for me they lacked the balls to try anything; except this one guy. After sun set two of the young men kept trying to get me to go some place with them, I resisted them as best I could. Eventually, one of them got my attention enough and pushed some girl on me. He said, `She wants to talk with you. Go have sex with her.` Before I knew it he was gone and I was stuck with one of the gals from the group. Things just kept getting more strange by the minute. I asked her, `What do you really want dear?` She replied, `I want a beer.` It was an easy enough request. I got her a beer and took her to Shibuya gate. Remember that I am married and this girl is young and drunk. I talked to her a bit and let her finish her beer before taking her back to her group.

When I brought her back she wanted to exchange phone numbers. I exchanged numbers with the understanding that my intention is to make friends. At this point is when the one brave fucker wanted to start some shit(and also prove my point that the right-wing in Japan is insane). This is the same guy who told me that he hates Americans. He gets right up in my face and says, `What are you doing American? She belong to Japan . You no talk to her! Understand?` This guy was begging for a broken noise. I thought to myself, `Oh fuck! Here we go. Yet another crazy ass fucking right-winger in Japan.` I finally decided that I was not going to put up with his shit any longer. So, I smiled and said to him,`Be careful what you say. You are making a big mistake. Americans no play with little boys.` He kept smiling at me like some insane maniac as if I was nothing more than shit on his shoes. I just stared him down until he realized that he was in over his head. He slowly backed off but kept that fucked-up smile on his face the entire time.

So, this is the behavior the right-wing in Japan is teaching young men these days. They are going to get this kid killed. This kid had to be no older than 21 at best. He knows nothing about the world at all. I know that one day someone is going to fuck his shit up real bad. I am sure that he is involved with the Japanese right-wing because only the right says such things. So, there you have it. The right-wing in Japan think that all Japanese women are property of Japan. These stupid fucks can even ruin a nice day of cherry blossom viewing.