Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mario Cart Wii Madness!

So, when I got off work Wednesday I headed down to Akiba for a little shopping. I do not often find myself in Akiba. The place just creeps me out too much. All the tourist and cartoon geeks really turn me off from the place. None the less, Akiba does have the best Yodobashi department store in Tokyo. The staff there are better than other`s in the chain of department stores. My reason for even going there was to buy Mario Cart Wii. The gal suggested I buy it(more like politely demanded). Like myself, she gets on these gaming kicks sometimes. It is fun for us to get a bottle of hard liqueur, hide out in our apartment, and plays video games until we pass out. I know that sounds strange but we are those kind of people.

It is real easy to shop at Yodobashi in Akiba. They usually have a few people who can speak English well enough to effectively help me out. It did not take long for one of the nice gentlemen who work there to ask me if I needed any help. I guess I the `I don`t have a fucking clue how to find what I want` look on my face. He want all out with helping me. He took me to the area in which the Wii games were sold. He made sure I bought exactly what I needed. The guy even walked me right up to the check out counter. I felt a little awkward being lead around the store like a lost puppy, but I was thankful for his help all the same. Before I left he gave me his business card. He said, `You never need help at this store again just find me and I will take care of you sir.` His final gesture made me feel even more awkward.

Anyway, when I presented Mario Cart Wii(which included one game and two diving wheels) to the gal, she jumped for joy. I must admit I was a little excited as well. After a light dinner and a quick shower, the gal and I were all ready for an evening of drunk driving at home. I was surprised we got through an entire bottle of vodka was were still able to play the game. In true Wii style you actually have to `drive` to play the game. As you become more drunk, your ability to judge how much to turn the wheel should decrease. As luck would have it, the drunker I got the better my ability to play the game. So, maybe drunk driving has it advantages(LOL).

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I`m on the Patch

So, I have been trying to quit smoking for about two months now. It has been real hard but I am getting real close to kicking the habit. Well, recently I broke down and started using the tobacco patch. Everyday I wear this little light down patch on either my left or right arm.

The first day it hurt my arm a little bit. It was as if I was getting an injection in my arm all day. At the end of the day my arm felt real sore. Although, I had very little desire to smoke. I did, however, feel real tired. All I wanted to do was go to sleep when I got home. The next morning I was in a real bad mood until I wore a new patch. I have finally learned that nicotine is a very powerful drug. I am convinced that it is more powerful than heroin. The patch gives me much more nicotine than I usually got from smoking. I can feel a strange high from wearing the patch all day. At least I am relaxed and don`t have any desire to rip someone`s head off.

I think the patch is going to work. All I have to do is break my habit of wanting to have a smoke. By not having a cig in my mouth, I think over time I will forget about wanting to smoke. My fear is that I will not be able to stop using the patch. So, I am switching the manner in which I get nicotine.

Anyway, my quest to stop smoking is not over yet. I am doing my best but it has not been easy. I am not ready to give up just yet. I am just too stubborn to give up this idea that I can quit smoking.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Cure for All ILLS

Working in Japan can be a real bitch sometimes. The long hours and the fucking `politeness system` is enough to dive a man crazy. Well, don`t go jumping in front of a train yet. I have the cure for all your stress relief needs. Beer! That`s right friends when the Japanese are about to drive you right in front of a train with all this, `Please do the job you were hired to do with a cherry on top crap,` just grab a few brews from the local quick stop. In no time at all you will not give a damn about much of anything except that cute gal staring at you from across the street.

Many people wonder how the Japanese are able to deal with having to be nice to even the laziest good for nothing S.O.B. Well, I will let you in on the secret; they know that all the beer they can drink is waiting for them as soon as they leave the office. You can drink yourself stupid just about any place you choose. Do you want to stand on the street corner and get shit-faced while watching all the cute skirt walk by? No problem in Japan! Do you want to stay at a bar all damn night trying to forget about the asshole you had to put the screws to at work? Hell, in Japan we will even give you a point card so you can earn free beer!

It seems in Japan drinking is much a part of life as working long hours and getting some young cute gal to call you papa-san. Where I was born and raised, public drunkenness would get you a night in the local lock-up. In Japan, the cops usually just roll their eyes and laugh at your drunk ass. So, if you have ever wondered why the Japanese are so liberal when it comes to drinking; now you know the truth. Being nice all the time will drive you crazy unless you drink like a fish on a regular basis.

What is most shocking of all is it is rare to see someone not show up for work due to a nasty hangover. They might struggle during the first few hours but they are usually not late. I have seen some of the J-staff in my company show up for work totally hungover; yet they are actually early for work. When it is time to start the day`s business they are locked and loaded. It takes more than an all night bender to break us hard working Tokyo types.