Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Easy Way Out is to be a Mean Ass Jaded Motherfucker all the Time

The internet is full to the brim with people who spend hours upon hours referring to everything as crap and lame. Life has somehow made them jaded to the point of no return. They have seen and done everything in their opinion. They have typed `you suck` or `this sucks` so many times that they have melted the key stroke memory into their hands. The needle in their brain just keeps skipping on the `I hate everything` mood swing like a broken record. They are the mean ass jaded motherfuckers of the internet; and they are not going away.

The society of the internet is as complex and diverse as the real world. There are communities for every kind of lifestyle and interest on the net. Even the clown porn crowd has its own little dark places on the net. Everyone one the net spend a lot of time switching from site to another commenting and blogging on anything and everything. Any one person will be in a heated debate over a news articles that brings up the question of Mrs. Clinton might be guy and the next minute laughing their ass off over a picture of a can of pig brains which contains enough fat to make your heart stop in two minutes. Yet despite all the diverse topics and subject matter, there is still of large section of the net that will not be phased by even the sight of a fat women falling off a bicycle while eating a Twinkie.

The demented jaded motherfuckers of the net really have no community in which they last very long. They end up floating from one site to another pissing off everyone in their way. Sometimes it seems as of the same motherfuckers show up on the same site time and time again. After a good dick whipping they roll back under from the rock they where came only to surface a few days or weeks later.

Their mind and soul seem to be full of pure hate for human kind. Digg can be full of jaded asses at times. You post something and then you wait for someone to give it a digg or a comment. You check some other articles and then you come back to one you submitted. There is the comment; `you fucking suck. This fucking sucks. That fucking sucked. What would you put something up that suck so fucking sucks so fucking much etc.` They don`t actually comment on anything that you posted or said. All they care about is the fact that you submitted something and in their opinion it fucking sucked. This same person then proceeds to take the time to read several other articles just to say it all of them fucking sucked. It is not good enough to just say that it fucking sucked; they also have to debate with other people about how it is there right to say something fucking sucked and how everyone commenting on the article also fucking sucks. Before long they are ran out of town for a while.

The roost of the internet, myspace, is full of so many jaded fucks that at times one cannot tell the difference between a person who actually has something to say and someone who things that everything fucking sucks. In myspace land the fuckers come out of no where and attack with brutal jadedness and a fuck you attitude. They combine their usual arrogance with the fact that because they have a myspace account they are somehow with in crowd and you just don`t get it.

The only real safe haven for the fuckers of the internet is yahoo chat. They hide there and bitch about all the sites on the internet where their attitude them ran out. It is always someone else who was the asshole and they are the nice person just trying to be friendly.

With all of this said there really are jaded fuckers who always take the easy way out when interacting with fellow humans no matter where you go in life. They are on the net and in real life.

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McAlpine said...

You sound pretty fucking irate.