Friday, September 26, 2008

The Beauty of Sensoji Temple

Sometimes it can be forgotten just how important the temples and shrines are to the landscape of Tokyo. In the mix of old and new which has always been apart of the makeup of the city; the temples and shrines can be overshadowed in post-modern Tokyo. For a while I lost all interest in seeing the temples and shrines in Tokyo. Sadly, like many, I developed a `been there done that` attitude` towards checking out the temples. Those days are gone as I have renewed my interest in all the wonderful temples Tokyo has to offer.

I am now of the opinion that it is important to go to these places from time to time as a reminder that the city I call home is really a unique place to live. There are so many things here which would jaw drop many of the people from my old home in West Virginia. To become jaded in Tokyo is to deny some self of so much wonder and beauty. I almost became jaded but I stopped myself before I reached the point of no return.

Sensoji temple is a great place to cure the jaded Tokyo blues. If this place does not inspired some wonder in your heart then you really are in trouble. Located in Asakusa Sensoji is popular among tourist and Japanese alike. It is an ancient Buddhist temple and Tokyo`s oldest. After WWII the temple has become a symbol of rebirth and peace for the people of Japan. It is dedicated to the bodhisattva Kannon or Guan Yin or the Goddess of Mercy. There are many shops to visit along the entrance to the temple. Also, there are many drinking bars which offer seating along the street. The drinking bars are very popular during the evening hours as they usually full up quickly.

Sensoji temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Tokyo. I could not help but be taken aback by its beauty. It has the traditional Japanese look and feel that serves as inspiration and renewal that many Gaijin living in Tokyo need from time to time. Sensoji can remind you of what a great and unique city we call home. Take the time to check this temple out. You will not be disappointed.


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