Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Hunt is On

Yes, the hunt is on. I am currently in the process of looking to change my job. The company I am currently working for is not, and will not, offer me what I want as far as money and career. There is also the fact that they really are not stable at all. I love the students but I have developed very little love for the company. At times it feels like I work for a sunken ship of a company whose only goal is to squeeze the last few drops of cash out of the whole mess. I really hate to feel that way but the writing on the wall is hard not to read.

So yeah, I am out there in the job market looking for something a little better and a whole hell of a lot more stable. At first, things looked pretty lean. I mean, a person has to check the job postings everyday to make sure nothing good passes by without submitting a resume. One day there is not much being offered but the next day companies come out of the woodwork offering some pretty decent positions. So far I am not seeing too much of a hiring freeze in the teaching field in Japan. Still, I am a little worried about the job market as the title wave of global financial meltdown hangs over Japan.

Speaking of financial matters I am sure I am going to be ok with money for at least the next several months. Things might get a little tight and my marriage is gonna get a little more stressful but I am pretty sure I can survive. I do not want my wife to get too mad and upset concerning money. I already know that some extra stress on the home front is already coming but I do not want it to get out of hand. I gotta be really nice and understanding of my wife in the coming months. It is gonna take some master skills of manhood to handle things. I have known her for a long time so I think I understand what makes her tick. As long as I am able to show and explain to her that everything is gonna be ok she will be fine in the end. A damn good X-mas present is going to help as well.

It is in times like these that I call on a deep resolve that was ingrained in me from a young child. When you grow up poor you learn how to pull yourself up by your boot straps and keep striving. I guess I have picked-up some kind of Capricorn luck. My star sign is the house of logic and of earth. A very determined sign torn between logic and emotions. What this translates into is a person who is over obsessed with their self worth and sometimes spends way too much time second guessing themselves. I have to admit that I can stress myself out about things when I think about stuff too much. Anyway, sometimes luck comes my way at the last possible second. Just when I think all is lost something will happen that saves my ass. If I just keep pushing full steam ahead my effort is usually rewarded.

I have applied to several companies and already had one interview. I am waiting for a response from the company which interviewed me too so will know if I get a call back. Some of the jobs I applied for I am not expecting a response at all. Although, there are a few I am hopeful will contact me for sure. It is all about the waiting game at this point. I have been applying to companies and waiting for responses. This is the part of job hunting I hate the most. Although, it is all a part of the process in landing a new job. Once I start getting more interviews that whole ordeal will go by much faster.

Anyway, wish me luck out there in the fierce job market in Tokyo.


Anonymous said...

why not start up your own english language school or give private english classes. I hear private english classes are more popular as the students get 1 to 1 attention. you would have made enough contacts at your current job, so just let the students know you're going "freelance" and the word should spread like wildfire...choose your own hours, b your own boss, now thats good livin'

TheGhost said...

I have been looking into this option. I have signed up at a website that connects students to teachers. The site actually has a really good profile option in place which I can show students exactly where I can teach, price, and location(even by train station if they want).
Doing some freelance work really looks like the way to go for the moment. I am riding out the contract with my current company until I can get something better but I have got to increase my cash flow in the meantime.
Thanks for the suggestion. Every little bit helps.