Friday, February 6, 2009

J-Blog of the Week Ed#4 Mad Tokyo

I had been nursing a hang over for the majority of Thursday, so this weeks J-blog is arriving on Friday. Yeah, I have just been sleeping and taking it easy. I guess I drank a lot more than I thought. I assume everyone living in Tokyo can relate to a good long night of getting smashed. I needed to get hammered. I had to drive out some unneeded emotions and alcohol worked like a charm. My mind is sharp even though my body is still feeling a little rugged. I am turning the corner with my stir craziness. Tokyo really can drive a person to madness so this weeks J-blog of the week is John Turningpin`s Mad Tokyo.

John has been living in Japan for a while. In the about section he mentions living in Japan permanently as an office drone. As many J-blogs focus on `how different and strange everything is` Mad Tokyo is more about everyday life in the land of the raising sun. Some people have complained that there are not enough blogs about `real life in Japan.` The point these people make is that too many j-blogs focus on things which are of little interest to gaijin actually living in Japan. Well, for those who have such a complaint Mad Tokyo is the site for you.

Mr. Turningpin does not pull any punches about living in Japan. He gives it to you straight. This maybe a refreshing change for long term gaijin. I have found his site to be very interesting at times. The whole angle he comes from attracts me to Mad Tokyo. He is honest, while at the same time, very entertaining.

The site is pretty easy to get around. The recent posts and tags on the side bar are easy enough to use. I doubt that many people would be disappointed by any post they click on John`s site. A lot of the posts contain topics and and issues that most gaijin come across daily in Japan. For example the post titled Mr. Mouth-Breather, which is about this guy on the trains in West Tokyo who has the worst breath ever, is something that we have all experienced. Another post I ran across which is good is the Uncle Hilter thing that happened on Japanese TV. If you not think that Japanese TV sucks, you will have reading about Uncle Hilter.

Overall, Mad Tokyo is a great English language J-blog. It is usually fun to visit his site and read what comes out of his brain. I check it from time to time and am ever let down. If you want to skip the `cute Japan` stuff then head right over to Mad Tokyo.

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john turningpin said...

This post was most unexpected.

I'm happy you were able to find something you liked -- let alone, useful enough to blog about -- regarding my site. Thank you, sir!