Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 2009 Japan Blog Matsuri: Fast Times In Japan

Okay so this is coming a day late and a dollar short but I am getting it up for the world to enjoy. It has been a busy yet fast week for me. A lot of things going down both professionally and personally. When living life in the fast lane some things must be put on the B-list. So, here we go with this months Japan Blog Matsuri.

This month the topic is fast times in Japan. We have got a few articles from people how have decided to bare all for you enjoyment.

Billy at Tune In Tokyo offers up a interesting tale of being mistaken for trying to smuggle a little pot into the land of the raising sun.

Shane at The Nihon Sun shares a slightly painful experience of trying to talk a Japanese taxi driver into stopping at the right place.

Loco at Loco In Yokohama reveals an experience on the train involving some dirty pervert and a school girl.

McAlpine from the Soul of Japan shares with us all his love of being a bully to just about anyone. Even if they did nothing to him at all.

Nick over at the long countdown offers up a collection of off beat experiences he has had over the years in Japan.

John Turningpin at Mad Tokyo shares the oddity of a night out on the bar scene.

And just because I am such I nice guy(LOL) here is one final late entry to the March Matsuri.

Kanmuri from Turning Iwatean had the pleasure of being asked `Does this ramen have human flesh in it?`


McAlpine said...

You have to fix Shane's name. Shame..?

Nick Ramsay said...

Whoops! I get confused with this Google/Blogger identity nonsense. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for hosting, and I enjoyed reading the entries. Very entertaining stuff!

TheGhost said...

@McAlphine--I got Shane`s name corrected.

@Nick--It was a pleasure Nick. It was a fun experience for me. I hope at least a few people enjoy reading the articles.

Andrew Cowan said...

Nice Carnival entries! Shame I couldn't get one in on time. A tale of late night partying followed by retribution from my neighbors could have been told.

Typo "begin mistaken" in description of the first entry.

TheGhost said...

You guys are so helpful to point out every little spelling error a person makes. What exciting lives you must live.

McAlpine said...

Your brother Chimera, the sumo guy on Japansoc won't show me no love. He told me he forgot me, along with Shane and DBR. I'm hurt.

TheGhost said...

Well, considering your behavior around the net I am not sure if you have a right to be hurt. Think about it. If you mess with enough people they will start to not want you around.

Most people do not like to be treated harshly all the time. Maybe it is time you learn the value of being humble. I mean, it is okay to be proud of yourself, but it is not okay to force your beliefs on others.

McAlpine said...

I come off as proud..haha? No way.
Never had that as my angle.

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