Friday, June 12, 2009

Green Tea Coca-Cola-In Name Only

Recently, a little buzz was created over the release of green tea coca-cola in Japan. I first got wind of it though rinkya blog. So, I checked the local quick stop until GT coke showed up on its selves. It took about a week or two until it finally showed up on the selves of my local 7-11. As I always enjoy trying something new, as soon as, I spotted it I grabbed a bottle.

Looking at the bottle, as I walked to the station, I felt that the bottle of soda in my hand was not going to be as good as it promised. I mean, coca-cola was a very strong taste. Green tea is a very light sensitive taste which can take years to fully enjoy.

Anyway, I sat down at the station waiting for my train to give green tea coke a go. Well...I must say this stuff is...really bad! For starters, coke plus is a pretty shitty drink. All the damn fake sugar is enough to make me toss the bottle away. I really had to force myself to finish the entire thing. I did not even taste a hint of green tea. Did they even put any green tea in the damn thing? What the hell was coke thinking? Maybe they were hoping that by putting green tea on the label Japanese people would just but it without question? I have tried some pretty bad drinks in Japan but this one really takes the cake. If coke is trying to compete with pepis in the flavored soda market they are doing a really bad job.

I have lost respect for coca-cola for producing such a shitty drink. I did not taste even a drop of green tea in the damn thing. It was like talking to a cute gal and taking her to a love hotel, only to find out that she is really a lady boy with a thing for gaijin men.

I could go on and on about this piss poor offering from coca-cola but I will let you be the final judge. If you live in Japan head over to the local quick stop and indulge yourself in a green tea coca-cola. Hell, you might actually like it; but I doubt it.


Jing said...

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jay said...

I spotted this Green Tea coke while I was in Tokyo and had to do a double take. I couldn't get myself to try it though.

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