Monday, July 13, 2009

Ice Coffee In Japan: Beat the Summer Heat and Get Jacked at the Same Time

I had never heard of the idea of Ice Coffee until I came to Japan. To me coffee was always black, bitter, and hot(just like a gal I fooled around with a little a few years ago). It was the stuff that got me going in the morning and when I felt low on go juice. Until life brought me to Japan, I was of the opinion that coffee was the devil`s crack. Well, I have come to understand that coffee can be more than just a quick jolt of energy to keep you sharp. It can also be a great way to beat the unforgiving heat of summer.

Now days, I have been known to have a tall class of ice coffee for the sake of cooling off rather than just for getting myself sharp for whatever activity I choose to engage in. It is actually pretty good. Usually, I have been known to indulge in a class of ice coffee to relax and cool off my over heated body. Hell, there are few things better than having a nice ice coffee while enjoying a walkabout in Tokyo.

It really adds to a day of wondering around Tokyo during the summer. It does not take much to start feeling like a wet rat running away from an angry dog on the streets of Tokyo; Shibuya is most likely the place to feel this way considering it does have a slight rat problem.

There is only one problem with enjoying ice coffee; you may end up enjoying it too much. While it does really hit the spot on a hot summer day; if you drink too much you end up getting way too jacked-up. This happened to me once while working recently. I had four classes before work and was almost bouncing off the walls. Lucky enough, I was not teaching that day or else lower level students would have never been able to understand anything I was saying.

Of course nothing beats a cold beer on a hot day in Tokyo; but ice coffee comes pretty damn close.

So, do you enjoy ice coffee? How much to you drink on a real hot day in Tokyo?


Wholeflaffer said...

Is that like a Thai iced coffee in that it is made with sweet milk? I have been drinking iced Lattes for years in the States. I have a 16oz every morning. Cannot think until I have one.

Jordan said...

Haha. Best title ever.