Sunday, March 8, 2009

YUZU Lemon Flavored Potato Chips

Japan is known for its unique food. It seems that the Japanese will try anything once. I mean, pepsi blue is a good example of the `try anything once` stance most Japanese take towards food and drink. Anyway, in the evenings I often go to Seiyu to pick up little ins and outs the gal request I bring home. Usually, I end of buying normal stuff like eggs and such. Recently, I was walking down the chips aisle when something caught my eye. A bag of Doritos with a lemon on the front was enough to give me pause. Lemon flavor is not what I think of as a good choice for chips. Although, this being Japan anything should be expected when it comes to food.

So, I bought a bag of this odd potato chip just for the hell of it. As I carried it home I had a feeling that I just wasted my money. I mean, how can lemon flavored chips ever taste good? A lemon is not usually used as the main taste in most foods. It is usually used an extra additive. It is just an extra kick added to spice up a meal.

When I got the stuff home the gal both laughed and snuffed at the odd little snack. This made me ever more hesitant to give the stuff a try. Determined to eat what I bought, I did pay for it after all, I took a shower, ate dinner, and finally sat down to try out YUZU. To my surprise, it is actually not that bad. I was expecting a shock of lemon taste which would make my mouth feel like a desert. The lemon flavor is actually not all that strong. It has a kind-of smooth , by lemon standards, taste. There is a slight sweet after taste which mellows out the lemon flavor.

By far I enjoyed YUZU Doritos! Lemon flavored potato chips are damn good! I suggest giving them a try.

Update: I know that Doritos are made from corn meal. I use potato chips as a general term.


Jonadab said...

The lemon flavor might be good, but the idea of potato Doritos is weirding me out just a bit. Is that normal in Japan?

Where I come from, they put all kinds of flavors in Dorito chips, some traditional and fairly normal (barbeque, nacho, cheddar, onion), some disgusting (sour cream, buttermilk, ranch), and some just plain bizarre (e.g., vinegar), and frequently two or more flavors get combined, but the basic underlying chips are always made from corn meal.

Potato chips here are always made from a single solid slice of potato each. The idea of mashing up the potatoes and making Dorito-style chips out of them is... intriguing, but strange to me.

TheGhost said...

I am pretty sure that Doritos are made from corn meal in Japan as well. I just call them potato chips as a general term.

Anonymous said...

Sounds similar to the chile-lime ones (pretty common in neighborhoods with a fair sized Hispanic community.)Are the round, Cheeto-like takoyaki flavored ones still available?.

TheGhost said...

Actually, I think they are. I believe I saw them recently.