Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Texas Burgers Offered Up By McDonald`s Japan

Eating at McDonald`s in Japan may seen to some like a waste of time. For the average person with dreams of living in Japan, hitting up a McDonald`s instead of enjoying the various ethnic food may seem insane. Well, when you are on the run or trying to catch a quick bite on your lunch break McDonald`s looks real attractive. McDonald`s Japan knows this fact all too well and offers up different `special burgers` to hook in the masses.

I had been avoiding McDonald`s for a while after the slightly annoying Mr. James ad campaign but I am a forgiving man. Hell, they are currently offering up a special run of burgers called `Big American.` I love a big burger so I have been hitting up McDonald`s around Tokyo to try out these big ass burgers. The first one was called `New York burger` but it seemed to have a damn limited run as I was unable to give it a go. The second one called `Texas burger` is sticking around a bit longer. I got excited about having a Texas Burger after seeing a commercial for it on the train. After seeing such a interesting idea for a burger in Japan, I was all game to order something not on the 100 yen menu again.

Well, after trying it once I am hooked. It is actually pretty good. I first gave it a go while I was drinking some Jack Daniels with a few friends. It makes for a pretty good drunk burger. I shared with my drunken Japanese buddies and they enjoyed it as well. While it did take care of the drunk munchies, the big test came at work. I have been working at Kokubunji a lot recently with a fellow co-worker who can be hard to please when it comes to burgers. I talked him into giving the Texas Burger a go for lunch. I thought he would hate it but he liked it for the most part. His only complaint was that is had too much bread and not enough meat. Fair enough, the extra bread is a bit much.

McDonald`s Japan seems to have a hit on its hands. The hungry masses will have a nice burger to enjoy at McDonald`s for a while. The company plans to offer up a `California Burger` and a `Hawaii Burger` in the near future. The `New York` may also make a return. Anyway, check out the official promo from the McDonald`s Japan Website here