Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Don`t Call It A Come Back!

Hello Japan! You motherfuckers! Yeah, that is right my ass is still here. I have been keeping my head low for a while. A lot of crazy ass things have went down. A hell of a lot of stress and general bullshit kept my attention away from The Ghost Letters Blog.. I have collected a few good tales during my absence; some are worth sharing and some are not.

Anyway, my ass is still in Tokyo going strong. Despite all the insanity, low moments, fighting, drinking and tears I have survived all that Tokyo has thrown at me. I have pretty much come to point of `Fuck most of shit people in this city try to pull on a daily basis` kind of mindset. People can be damn brutal selfish assholes in this city. I used to smile and try my best to put up with all the sociopath like behavior I deal with. Not any more! I really can`t put up with it anymore yall. If I am going to keep calling Tokyo home I have to draw a line in the sand. At this point when someone pulls that brutal selfish shit all I can do is let them go their own way. I don`t even have to be rude for someone to take a hint.  All I have to do is simply stop the good time with them as soon as they pull any shit with me. I tried it recently and it worked like a charm.

Well, besides dealing with sociopaths I also been doing a lot of drinking with many different people. It is good to feel people out from time to time. Folks lighten up a bit after a few drinks. I get to see what kind of person they really are. I have found that most gaijin in Tokyo are totally in a near constant state of stress. I can relate for sure. People do some pretty shitty things in order to purge their stress. Some of the stuff they do is understandable but others things are really unacceptable. Yet, I can`t life their lives for them so I say, `have at it you`re a big boy.` You know, it is like when you hang-out a few times and all of a sudden they do something so horn-dog that you can`t look at them the same way anymore. What happened to simply hanging out with friends? I can recall so many evenings in which I just wanted to hang-out and have a few beers. Sadly, what ends up happening is I get to watch someone hit on chicks they will never get and basically babysit their drunk overbearing ass.

Hell, not everyone is fucked-up and crazed in Tokyo. I have met some really good people here. I know some people I would trust with my life; a very short list might I add. I wish I had more good-hearted funny down to earth people around me. I like going out and having a damn good time but all the horn-dog shit is really a drag. I don`t mind people going out and looking for a gal to fuck. Getting laid is a very good thing indeed. I am married so I don`t really care about picking up chicks so much. I am happy with what I got at home.

Any damn way, my ass is back and blogging again. I am also going to start taking a more active role in the English speaking J-web again. I miss a few folks here on the web so I look forward to reconnecting with a few of yall. So until next time, have a cold one for me.


john turningpin said...

Tokyo is, for the most part, filled with assholes, and I don't miss it all. (Some of my friends, yeah, but that's a different story.)

Glad to hear you're still going strong over there.

TheGhost said...

For what it is, and is not, Tokyo is my home.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, then.

Benjamin L. Belcher said...

This blog is trite sensationalism at best. So naturally we missed ya man. =)

Tokyo is a shitstew of stress and the overly fashion-conscious people trying to act like they're players. I ignore those who aren't worth my time, it's my philosophy! And I moved to Saitama, that helps as well haha.

Billy W said...

Sorry I had my eye on those girls the whole time we were drinking last night.

Glad to see ya back.

TheGhost said...

@Billy--Don`t worry that was completely okay for a gal to catch a man`s eye. It must happen all the time to every straight man on the planet.

@Ben--I am a bit of a sensationalist bastard at times.

Chris said...

I saw the LL cool J title and had to peak it. One of the best Rap videos of all time!!!

TheGhost said...

@Chris--I agree `Don`t call it a comeback` is one of the few great rap songs out there.