Saturday, February 19, 2011

Crossing My Moral Line Must Be Fun

Here I sit again late at night as the howling February wind beats against my humble little dug out in Tokyo. As usual I am struggling to find sleep. This has been a problem of mine for years. I really don`t sleep much. There is this thing about me which I don`t share with people so much. The shocking truth is that I have a really strong moral line. A lot of people might think that I don`t really have much of a moral line. It is true that I really like having a good time. I have done plenty of wild things which in some people`s eyes might seem very immoral. Such opinions are okay with me because I do push things to the edge sometimes just for the pure fucking thrill of it. That does not make me an immoral person. I have my own sense of integrity which does not need the approval of others. Still, crossing my moral line really pisses me the fuck off!

I can be a very understanding person. More understanding then most people you will ever meet. Yet, I have come across a lot of fuckers in Tokyo who seem to make it their goddamn goal in life to find someone`s moral line then step right over it for some sick jolly. This is not something which was normal back in the mountains of West Virginia. I mean, I would run across such dicks but it was actually pretty rare. It was a wise thing not to fuck with someone and be a general prick. In fact, such behavior usually ended up in a ass beating sooner or later. The only exception was after a lot of drinking; then there were no rules.

While mass amounts of drinking does allow for a lot of relaxing of moral lines all in the name of a good time, under regular situations wrong is wrong and right is right.

It is my belief that every human has a pure sense of right and wrong built into them by way of the human spirit. I am not talking about religion or any idea of `god` by any means. It is our unique sense of empathy, which is stronger and more self influential than other creatures, which creates in us the natural sense of right and wrong. Although, for many people they choose to resist and beat down such natural essence until they can no longer feel or understand it clearly. They do not do this by themselves. They get plenty of help from those who have embraced the darker aspects of human nature. Yet, I don`t accept being twisted by dark motherfuckers as an excuse for crossing the truth of the moral line which shapes me.

There are a few things which way too many folks have no problem stepping all over with little concern.

It is wrong to point out someone`s shortcomings without also trying to help them be stronger by offering compassionate gentle assistance.
In other words, cold blooded attacks on a person, either personally or professionally, meant to belittle and marginalize someone. That is fucked up! Don`t do it.

It is wrong to hate someone and treat them badly based simply on the fact they have physically attractive traits or unique abilities, educated skills or mindset.
In other words, don`t fuck over unique hard working people who are a little different from the accepted norm just because they are an easy target.. That is fucked up! Don`t do it.

It is wrong to use your position or title in business or otherwise to carry out personal attacks in order to satisfy your own jaded opinions.
In other words, it is not acceptable to be a prick just because you can get away with it. That is fucked up! Don`t do it.

It is wrong to assume that everyone is worthless until they do something which serves your own agenda.
In other words, it is not okay to be a little snake in the grass with a god complex. That is fucked up! Don`t do it.

It is wrong to attempt to control others to serve your own ego.
In other words, being a sick little sociopath is always fucked up and deserves nothing less than an ass kicking of a lifetime. That is always fucked up! Stop fucking doing it!

It is wrong to attain any joy from causing mental or emotional pain of others.
In other words, all you sick little fuckers who puke out malice comments directed at others to vent your own hatred of yourself need to realize that most people are struggling to understand their own identity as well. That is fucked up! Stop hating so much and love more.

These are just a few common things I have experienced folks doing here in the city with little hesitation. I try real hard to follow the natural essence of the built in human code of ethics. I am not perfect because I am a being of emotions; like every human. There are times when I give in to the twisted dark aspects of the human experience. Although, I try my best to never deny the essence of the human spirit which resides inside of me.

Now, have you got a taste of what my moral line is? You are getting a better sense of who I am? Well, either way you should keep reading future post and learn more about the life of a ghost in Tokyo.    



BiggerInJapan said...

hey man, you still alive? Waiting for your posts! Keep the words flowing.

TheGhost said...

Sorry I went `all dark` for a bit. More posts coming real soon.