Monday, May 9, 2011

Rebellion is a Love Affair

Rebellion has been apart of my life since I was old enough to understand that breaking the rules and making trouble is really fun. Even when I knew that society would shun me and my life would be difficult, I have often choose to say `fuck it` and buck the system. There is this fire in me that drives me to look at society and think `what a bunch of bullshit.` I need life to be a little edgy and dangerous. I feel comfortable when there is a lack of rules and authority. It feels damn good when I can do what ever the fuck I want to do. When my actions are not controlled and being a little odd is normal; I am happy as a pig in shit. Case in point is a recent adventure I made to Earthdom in Shin-Okubo. 
To tell the truth, I make it out to a few lives shows every month. I don`t really announce these adventures often and I damn sure don`t blog about them so much. It is just something I kind of do. It is my little world I go to in order to get the fuck away from all the shit of conformity I put up with daily. You would not believe the amount of stomach zombie pricks I put up with just to earn some cash and survive in our twisted world.  Truly soulless fucks who deserve nothing more than a punch in the mouth for being such a little worm. I really wanna go ape shit crazy on some of those little imps at times. I usually hold back because I want the cash and do not want to deal with their sorry asses anymore than I have to. I am sure that the only way to really get some of them to back off would be to kill them. It just makes since to give them a dirty look, speak my peace, and move on to something more interesting. That `something` more interesting is going to a underground live house, seeing some kick ass bands and hanging with people who have a love affair with rebellion. 
So yeah, the Earthdom is a joint I discovered a few years back. I have seen a lot of kick ass bands at this place over the years. Tiger Army, Balzac, and Hat Trickers are the best bands I have seen play at Earthdom. They got pretty good equipment so the music usually sounds great. Yet, it more than just the music which keeps pulling me back to the hell hole which is Earthdom; it is the people. The place kinds of creates an environment where you can be yourself. There are no poser sold-out pricks to fuck things up. A lot of the folks are younger, like late teens to mid-twenties who Japanese society tossed into the FAIL bin before most of them even got a chance to shine. They just wanna hang out, get a little drunk and listen to killer bands play. Fights never happen and folks are damn friendly and forward. The kind of folks you meet at Earthdom are not your run of the mill Japanese. It is rebellion in it`s most raw form. Forget everything you think you know about Japan when hanging out at this place. As an added bonus they let you bring in your own booze!
Going to a place like Earthdom, and seeing kick ass bands and hanging with people who don`t give a fuck about all the bullshit in society, reminds me that all the shit I deal with is just that SHIT. Rebellious people who sometimes make trouble and burn the world for no reason, are more alive than any dickhead who is so proud of their job and position. Those of us who are willing to say `fuck this shit` and mean it live a life of higher value than any of these so-called well functioning members of society. Being able to express yourself freely and being loud, rude and sometimes even doing things which are slightly dangerous is better than always playing by the rules and kissing ass. Yeah, rebellion is a love affair.   


Chris said...

"Those of us who are willing to say `fuck this shit` and mean it live a life of higher value than any of these so-called well functioning members of society."

Our home country, like most, was built or at least founded by rebels.

Glad you got a nice place to unplug from the fucked up Matrix that is "Society" and recharge yourself.

Corinne said...

You had me at 'they let you bring in your own booze'!!!

We all need some place to get rid of the never ending stress, and just quietly, rebels are totally hot, it's like what we all want to do but don't have the balls to!

Right, you've inspired me to go get something tattoed or pierced...

TheGhost said...

Yeah yall! Howling at the moon and mixing things up is the spice of life!
Radical minds kick the world in the ass when needed.