Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Battle Carries On

For the majority of my life I have had to fight for every single inch of life I have gotten. It is safe to say that I was not born with a sliver spoon in my month. I am the kind of person who was born with a wooden spoon on my month and a foot up my ass. I am no stranger to working damn hard for even the smallest amount of success or pleasure. With that said the battle carries on.

I thought that I was fully aware of the situation that I was getting myself into when I started working for my current company. I knew that things had gotten really bad and some greedy asshole had fucked everyone over. I also knew that the stability of my company was very much in doubt. Well, I wanted a job and a challenge so I accepted the position. I went though the training and got myself posted...and posted again...and again. For a while I felt like a traveling preacher. I did not think much of this but I should have.

It appears that things are not going as well as expected. While we do not think that things are going to fall apart again our profits are not in good shape. So, it has come to the point in which I may not make the same amount of money which was promised to me. This comes as a big shock to me. I thought that Japan was better than this kind of behavior. I expect this kind of thing to happen in America but not in Japan. I have been proven wrong yet again. I now find myself wondering if both capitalism and socialism are a load of crap. In capitalism you make less money because the company wants to increase their profit. In socialism you make less money because the company does not want to put forth the effort to make more money. So either way your gonna get screwed somehow.

I have been told that we must all pull together and insure that the company makes it though these dark days. Honestly, I want to believe that this is true. I want to believe that if we all just suffer a little bit things will get better. This kind of thinking is not what I am used to at all. What I am used to is that if the company ties to hurt us workers in any way, shape or form we teach them a lesson. Well, it appears that in Japan this kind of thinking simply does not fly. So, I am getting with the program and have agreed, if and when the time comes, to take a little pay cut for the good of the company.

For now I am going to give my full support to the company. I want my company to be a success. I am willing to go to bat for my company. I am going to give this new way of thinking a try. The management is being cool with me. They have been very open and honest about the situation. I must respect them for their honestly. We will strive to be a success or die trying. For the first time in my life I am being a company man. I feel a little afraid. Although, I am up to the challenge in front of me. This is going to be one wild ride for sure.

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Benjamin L. Belcher said...

That's rough. I'm curious what company you work for, but obviously it's smart not to disclose such things in public blogs. I do the same.

Drop me a line at if you feel so inclined. We should also hang out some time dude, show me where the good rockabilly is at. :)