Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Starting to Feel Like Home

When I finally made the decision to make Tokyo my home I had no idea how long it would take to fully adjust. Sure, I have been to Tokyo several times. I had even taken up residence for an entire summer a few years back. Making Tokyo the place I call home is very different from a short visit or a summer hide out.

A total uproot from everything I know and understand is one hell of a big change. I left all my friends, family and connections behind for the land of the raising sun. In some ways it has felt like a total restart for me. In other ways it has been just a natural progression in my life. I have had a connection to Japan for almost ten years now. It started with a group of Japanese gals in college developing a certain affection for me. Those were much more simple times. Image about seven or eight young girls from Japan trying to live and go to college in the mountains of West Virginia! They had a tough time handling the 180 twist. They took up with me because I helped them out and was nice to them. They never heard `jap` come out of my mouth. I guess my early experiences with Japanese culture and hanging with those gals would make for a good blog post later down the road.

Anyway, after almost nine months of living in Tokyo I am finally starting to feel like this place is home. I got a job made a few friends and know the places to have a good time. I have never really called a city home before. For the majority of my life I have lived in the mountains. Yet, I feel that I take to city life pretty well. I remember during my teenage years spending many late nights laying on the roof of my house smoking a joint and wondering what was beyond those mountains. Well, years later I have come to understand there is a lot beyond those mountains and I am having a damn good time exploring all that the world has to offer.

I have had some people tell me that I will start to hate Tokyo after a few years. I really do not see how this could ever happen. I really love living in Tokyo. I can do just about anything I desire. I can taste the sweet goodness of just about any desire which flows from my mind. I do not even have to hunt very much to find a place which will cater to me. It is very rare that I have any trouble in Tokyo. Sure, I have had a few hard situations but it was very easy to resolve with no bloodshed.

Overall, I am very happy with my life at this point. For the first time in my life I have personal peace in my heart. A peaceful heart is worth all the gold in Egypt. I do not see my self making a trip to America in the coming years. Tokyo is my home now. I do not know exactly what will happen in the coming years but I am sure it will be exciting and interesting.


Kwech said...

Excellent post, sir. I'm moving to Japan in March, and Tokyo is one of the places I might wind up. I've lived in cities before (Los Angeles, Philadelphia), but neither of them come close to the adjustment that would be required to feel at home in Tokyo. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I'll be sure to drop in here as well!

LetsJpn said...

You will hate Tokyo..you will hate..Tokyo...But it's all part of the Seven Phases of Japan. Or is that the Six Stages of Tokyo? Anyway, you go through phases. And then you will emerge from the last phase and you will have arrived.

billywest said...

You know I love Tokyo, Brother. I just can't see myself wanting to live in any other big city in the world in the near future.

Nice post.

TheGhost said...

Hate Tokyo!? I do not understand that at all. While, there are a few things that I have a hard time getting used to actually hating the city as a whole...that is very unlikely.