Friday, October 3, 2008

Japan tries the McRib

I remember growing up with the idea that the best fast ever created by man was the McRib. All other fast food meals just cannot live up to the taste and legend of the McRib. Usually in the states, the McRib is offered about once or twice a year. Everyone looks forward to McRib time at McDonald`s.

I had all but given up on ever tasting the McRib again considering that I live in Japan. I had almost forgotten what it taste like when all of sudden the McRib found it way all to the land of raising sun for all of us to enjoy! As far as I know the McRib has never been offered in Japan; I could be wrong about this. Now, I am sure that all the gaijin in Japan will be storming McDonald`s in Japan for the nest month. I cannot blame them for their mad dash to wrap their lips around a wonderful McRib.

I do wonder how most Japanese people are thinking about the McRib? My wife is an instant sucker for it; I made the mistake of introducing the McRib to her in America. She has been waiting for this day for years it seems. She went as far as to have a McRib on the first day it was offered. She ate two of them and wanted one more! I do not know if the rest of Japan is going crazy for the McRib but I for one am damn glad that it has arrived.

I recently had a double McRib which was everything I image it would be. All the good taste was just liked I remembered it. Although, it was a little different from what I am used to of course. They really are tight with the BBQ sauce and no pickles! I guess the Japanese are not big fans of pickles. Anyway, it is cool that the McRib is in Japan. If you have not had one yet run out and eat one before it is too late.


Rick said...

When I dragged my wife from Tokyo to Texas, back in 1995, I introduced her to the McRib and she was instantly in love.

Oh, and she can confirm that McRibs have never been sold in Japan until now.

TheGhost said...

Thanks for the info. I was really wondering if this was the first time the McRib has been offered in Japan.

Married a Japanese gal I see. You must be a happy guy for sure.

My wife loves the McRib. When I told her that it was in Japan she went nuts!