Sunday, October 5, 2008

There is a bright shining MoonPie over Tokyo Tonight

I slightly giggle as I begin to write about a food that is about as hillbilly and southern as you can find. A food which is loved by drunk rednecks and truck drivers alike. Yes friends, I am talking about the one and only Moonpie!

I know what a lot of you must be thinking, `How does such a redneck thing like a moonpie relate in anyway, shape or form to Japan?` Well, I had fully accepted the fact that Tokyo has everything and them some. Although, I thought that Tokyo was beyond finding any joy in eating a Moonpie, I have been proven wrong yet again. I never expected to find a damn Moonpie in Japan but I have a family size pack in my apartment right now.

I had been sent on a movie snack run by M.K. Usually I would not drag my ass to the store after coming home from work but I was in a rare mood. I found myself just wondering how aisles looking for anything which would fill my stomach when I spotted them. I really could not believe my eyes at first. I just kind of stared at them at first. My eyes were saying, `Look! Moonpies! Grab them now!` while my mind was saying, `We are on drugs again right?` One phrase repeated itself in my mind several times,`I can`t believe that the Japanese like Moonpies.` Well, the Japanese must love the stuff because they store had several size options to choose from. Being the crazed bastard I am I got the family size. I quickly finished up shopping and made my way back to the apartment.

It is the simple pleasures in life that keep me in a constant state of wonder. For example, when I showed M.K. what I had found she flipped out with happiness. She grabbed the pack ripping it open. It was like watching a women infused with the devil. She attacked the first Moonpie like it owed her \6,000. I just started laughing as she contently munched on a Moonpie while smiling from ear to ear. Yes, it is the simple pleasures in life which keep me a constant state of wonder.

So, the Japanese like the Moonpie but I am willing to bet that they have no idea how to eat it correctly. If your gonna eat a Moonpie you first have to put it in the microwave for about a minute so it melts a little. Then you can eat it with a little ice cream. When they figure that little trick out I am sure that Moonpies will be the next big snack food in Japan. Until then, I am just amazed that Japanese like a stupid ass Moonpie.