Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Roppongi Gathering

I must admit that I usually do not prefer Roppongi. From time to time I will venture to Roppongi but only when I am invited by someone or when there is no other real option. Although, I completely understand the attraction to Roppongi. Hell, a person can have a real good time in the area. There are a lot of friendly gals there who can provide a blurred evening of drinking and maybe more if you so desire. In Roppongi it is possible for a guy, or gal, to dive head first into just about any type of lustful pleasure one fancies. I just prefer something more underground and outside of the normal insanity that is the Tokyo nightlife. With that said this weekend I ended up partying in Roppongi due to an invite from my long time friend Fumika.

I actually looked forward to an evening in Roppongi due to some extra emotional baggage I have been carrying around lately. I know that going to Roppongi means that I do not have to give a rats ass about much of anything. I can just let go and enjoy myself. At night the area can have such a heavy mix of sexual energy and drunken marry making that people tend to slip into full balls to the wall party mode. While this can lead to some pretty shitty situations at times there is also a huge fun factor involved.

Anyway, one of Fumika`s friends was throwing a little private party at a place called Heartland up until around nine pm. It was my first time to go to a private party in Tokyo. It was not all that bad. The crowd was mostly cool and Fumika was totally stoked to see me. She has got a high energy personality which always makes her fun to be around. By the way guys Fumika is looking for a boyfriend so if anyone is interested I can introduce you to her. She is not into the playboy type. She wants a serious boyfriend. She is fun, outgoing, and a very loving gal. Well, enough of playing match maker.

As the night progressed I got more and more attention from a lot of the gals there. I really do not see why. There was many gaijin men there to choose from. Most of those gals could have their pick of the pack so I found it odd that so many of them were all about trying to get me. I think that most of them were fully aware that I was with someone. I guess I am not used to the vibe in Roppongi. I guess this happens all the time to just about any decent looking guy hanging in one of the many clubs in the area. These gals can be pretty aggressive sometime. It really is a 180 from what I am used to out of gals in Tokyo. I mean, I know that in Tokyo people tend to get real friendly after a few drinks but some of the gals I came across at this party were all ready to strip down naked and submit to all kinds of twisted sexual acts. It is in these situations I say to myself `damn I wish I was single.` None the less the attention did make me feel good.

As the night wore on Fumika kept feeding me drinks and I got rather drunk. I don`t really remember getting home. Lucky for me I have a very caring gal who helped me all the way home. She even helped to provide me with a decent manner in which to throw my guts up all the way home. Overall, it was a fun night. I may go to Roppongi again in the future. I think the gal really likes the place. She does have more fun when she has some people to hang out with besides just me. I might try to set up a little meet up on my own in an attempt to provide her with some fun and play match maker for Fumika.


Michael John Grist said...

All the girls chasing after you- respect. From my own experience- that doesn't really happen, so perhaps the greaser/rebel image you've got going on is something of a draw.

TheGhost said...

It was a lot of fun having so many gals trying to hit on me. I was a little surprised by how forthcoming some of them were.

Greaser is a very classic America image. I think that some gals like that sort of thing if they admit it or not. It also depends on your personality. Treat them like a person and not a piece of meat and they seem to go crazy for that.

Although, I have been a greaser for the majority of my life. Gals seem to go for it for some reason in Tokyo. Hell, in the states it was very different. Being a greaser got me into more trouble then it did gals.

nearlyasian said...

Roppongi is the worst of Tokyo, if not the whole of Japan, a magnet for the depraved and a beacon for misery. You've my empathy.

TheGhost said...

Well, I would not go that far. There is a lot of fun to be had in Roppongi. Unless of course you are one of those very conservative shy guys. If that is the case then Roppongi would not be the place for you.

Jason said...

Roppongi isn't really Tokyo. It's an area that is hardly tolerated by the racist governor of this city, and I guess he only tolerates it because it keeps all foreigners in one area, somewhat easier to control.

If you were so drunk and can't remember getting home then how do you remember girls hitting on you?

Do you, at all times, have a black comb in your back pocket? If you don't, then I'd be careful declaring oneself a greaser. Can you ride a motorcycle? Do you own a motorcycle?

So these girls throwing themselves at you did NOT want to be treated like a piece of meat? They were actually looking for an ivy league gentlemen to wax poetic about Frost and Chomsky?

I am not conservative nor shy, and the only reason I go to Roppongi is because it has the best movie theater in the city. Places like Roppongi are a bane to human society and a reason why society as a whole is not evolving, only the technology we have.

TheGhost said...

Damn man chill!

And yes I do keep a comb in my back pocket at all times.

MJG said...

Yeah I'll guess the image certainly helps. It's not exactly cos-play, but it kind of is. Do you know what pea-cocking is? It's a term from pick-up theory that just means dressing differently and boldly. It's meant to assert alpha-maleness, and of course attract females. Greaser like you say is a classic image, one you conform to, of hard man style toughness, rock and roll, etc. Do the girls here know that? Maybe, maybe not. It's different though, and maybe that's enough.

As for treating them nice- is that what a 'real' greaser would do? I'd think a real bad boy would treat-em mean, and keep-em keen. Actually pick-up theory has one or two things to say about that too- but on the whole I think it's good you show respect. Especially since you're married, and your wife was at the party.

TheGhost said...

Up until the past year I thought very different about life. I have had to learn to mellow out a lot. I used to treat gals pretty mean sometimes. Getting married and moving to Tokyo has really taught me the value of being nice.

Benjamin L. Belcher said...

*predicts that every poster in this comment thread will dress as a greaser and go roppongi this weekend*

TheGhost said...

Now that shit would be fucking funny. Copy the real deal and try to pick up chicks!
Am I starting a trend or something? And to think it all started with a reformed bad boy who posted a blog about having a good time in roppongi.

You bastards! Don`t copy me! There is only one me! LOL