Tuesday, January 13, 2009

J-Blog of the Week Ed# 1 Loco in Yokohama

KO. So, I have been thinking of a way to expose people to English J-blogs that they might other wise ever see. There are a lot of good blogs out there about Japan. Some English J-blogs are very popular, while others do not get so much attention. While, the popular ones deserve the attention, there are plenty of others which deserve a few more page views as well. I have decided to start the first weekly feature here at The Ghost Letters. The J-blog of the week is now here for your enjoyment. Every week I will feature an English J-blog which deserves to be seen by more people. I hope to do this every Tuesday or Wednesday.

This week`s English J-blog of the week is Loco in Yokohama

I have been checking out Loco in Yokohama for a while now. Pretty interesting blog I must say. I first found this site though japansoc.com. I noticed that the post he had submitted were not getting much attention. This usually means that a rare gem is being overlooked. So, I started checked it out from time to time. It seems that this blog has only been up and running since October 2008 but it is full of great stuff to read.

There are several sections of this blog well worth checking out.

10 ways not to go Loco in Yokohama is a interesting look at how to have a good time in Japan. A lot of the post in this series hold a lot of truth. You will have a good laugh, as well as agree, with many of the post in this ten part series.

Home Alterations is a great series which I have been wanting to read more of for a while now. It is kind of like home sickness but with a twist. From what I have checked out so far, he talks about NYC vs. Japan. It is an interesting series and I suggest reading every post.

There is also the Acts of Retaliation section and the Real Gods Require Blood section; which is an on-going web novel of good quality.

Overall, Loco in Yokohama is a great English J-web blog! If you have never checked it out before now would be a good time.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I don't know what to say! You are the most righteous! I really appreciate the work you put into the review of my blog and the additional traffic you've sent my way...I REALLY don't know what to say...except, this is the way Japanese people surprise you with stuff, have you noticed? You don't expect it...and suddenly it's this total act of I don't know kindness and it surprises the hell out of you. Maybe they're wearing off on you dude, and believe me I can identify...anyway, thanks again! (-: Loco

john turningpin said...

Can't remember how I found Loco's site anymore, but I do enjoy it and pop in frequently.