Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Japan Experience Is What You Make Of It

I have been living in Japan for just about a year now. I have had many interesting adventures; some positive and some negative. During this time, I have learned many things, not only about myself, but about life in general. I have wrote about my reflections on living in Japan before, but I have never wrote about making the best of living in the land of the raising sun.

I must admit, I have not thought about writing on such a subject before. Main reason being, I feel that I may lack enough experience to really tell people how to make the best of living in Japan. I know that their are people who get a real kick out of telling others what to do. It is their passion in life to tell others `How things are and how everyone should live their lives.` That has never really been my habit.

So, what I can say about the experience of living in Japan is that it really is what you make of it. People come to Japan for many reasons. Some people come to land of the raising sun for vacation, to work, to experience a different culture, to escape the life they were living in their mother nation, as well as many other reasons. I came to Japan for two reasons; I was madly in love with a women and my mother nation is turning into a 1984 style nightmare. I have found that my reasons are unlike a lot of people who venture to Japan. This makes my situation a little different compared to a lot of other people. So, I guess I could offer a unique perspective for this months Japan Matsuri.

Like I mentioned above, I feel that I may lack enough experience to tell other people how to make the best of living in Japan. With that in mind, as well as keeping with this months JP Matsuri topic, this post will be about how I have resolved to make the best of living in Japan.

I consider the pure daily adventure of living in Tokyo, to be how I get the most out of living in Japan. Tokyo offers just about everything I want/need out of a city. As great as many American cities are, none of them can compare to the scope and size of Tokyo. I am starting to think that if I cannot find it in Tokyo, chances are good that it does not exist. I have run across so much weird and devilishly fun things during my time in Tokyo so far. I mean, pick a vice and Tokyo will feed you until you are on the floor naked while throwing your guts up! Some people might say that I am exaggerating just a bit, but I have learned not the doubt Tokyo`s ability to surprise and shock.

From Maid Cafes to Happening Bars, just about any desire can be satisfied. Considering that Tokyo may very be the hardest working city in the world, it comes as no surprise that it is also the one of the most extreme cities in the world as well. When I first started living in Tokyo full time, I was mostly unaware of the depths of Tokyo`s endless skyline. I used to look at Tokyo as a big giant business type of city. Now days, I know that Tokyo offers more than just business deals and drunk salary men. The whole place seems to have layer after layer of subcultures and personalities. I mean, what other city in the world can I enjoy top quality coffee in the morning, soak in a hot bath spa during the mid day, go for drinking in the evening with almost every type of drink on the menu, and cap off the evening with a call girl and a love hotel? I am not saying that I have experienced such a day, but from what I can see, such a day could easily happen.

So, Yeah. The Japan experience is what you make of it. I have resolved to dive head first into the pure adventure aspect of living in Tokyo. Other people might want to take a totally different approach to living in Japan. No matter how you choice to make the best of living in Japan, make sure to enjoy yourself.


Wholeflaffer said...

I enjoy top quality coffee in the morning, soak in a hot bath spa during the mid day, go for drinking in the evening with almost every type of drink on the menu, and cap off the evening with a call girl and a love hotel?

You just described one of my days when I finally save up (and the timing is right) and go Nihonjin.

Tornadoes28 said...

Tokyo is cool and I am always excited when I can visit the big city. But I especially love the rural areas of Japan. I enjoy the open roads and rice fields and different life style.

Anonymous said...

I agree...Life in Japan is what you make it, and I was going to say "but Tokyo ain't got nothing on NY!' Then you described a damn decent day in Japan and now I'm having 2nd thoughts...nah, nevermind. NY is still better (-:


john turningpin said...

What's a "Happening Bar"? Do you mean like a bar that's popular, or is that a type of bar? I'm not being a smartass, I've just never heard that term before.

TheGhost said...

`Happening Bar`

Good question. I am glad you ask. Japan has been in a silent sexual revolution over the past decade or so. A Happening Bar is a place in which singles, or couples, and meet, hang-out, and get into just about any kind of sex act they choose. In short, it a Japanese swingers bar.

MJG said...

Did you make up that term `Happening Bar` Ryan or did you hear it from someone else? Can you name any place that does this?

Also- your list of things to do in Tokyo is not so unique- you can have a hot bath spa in any city in the world, and meet a prostitute and go to a motel anywhere in the world too. The only difference is the name- `love hotel` and the name `onsen` or `sento`. Otherwise is the same.

Does your wife read English? I don`t know how you`re putting up an ideal day including a call girl without insulting her.

Besides- that just sounds like a really dumb, unadventurous day. You described the same dumbass day half the dissatisfied salarimen in this city are doing- not an adventure. Quit being so star-struck by sex and booze and find something decent to talk about.

TheGhost said...


Well, so much for thinking that their are relaxed people on the internet.

My wife does read and speak English very well. In fact, we both have a history with vice.

Like I said, I have not had such an exact day as the one I described. It is just that, in my opinion, Tokyo has some of the best vice in the world.

A Happening Bar? Well, there is a good in Shinjuku names Club Silk. You should check it out sometime. You might like it.

Jason said...

I am in absolute wonder at how you can function Ryan. It's just an amazing thing that society can maintain such a person.

I do not say that out of an "intent to simply talk shizzle and fizzle with you."

Your site is an absolute source of entertainment for me. Believe it or not, it gets discussion among my friends on a regular basis.

Our one wish is that somehow you would take the words you write and put them into video so we could witness these events as you do.

Stay greasy.

TheGhost said...

Sometimes I wonder how I function as well.

Anonymous said...

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