Saturday, February 14, 2009

That Wonderful Saturday Morning Feeling

Here I sit,early as hell, getting ready for work on Saturday. I feel a little strange this morning. It is not because of the drinking I did last night,but because today is Valentine`s day. Due to schedule issues the gal and I will not be spending the day of love together. You know what, this sucks! A part of me does not even want to leave the house today. I know that all day I will have to deal with seeing young lovers going crazy for each other. I should be more mature about the situation, yet I find myself feeling a bit bitter. The gal and I don`t have a traditional marriage. We are a very modern couple. She does her own thing and I do my own thing most of the time. We usually plan to spend at least one day together a week. Despite this, we really do love each other. Hell, we have known each other going on ten years now.

This week she is out of town. She is away on business as usual. Actually, this time her business is a bit personal. Something about one of her friends having a wedding in her home town I guess. What kind of person has a wedding on Valentine`s day?! They are ruining this day for a lot of people just so they can have some damn special wedding. Fuckers! I know they are her friends and all, but Valentine`s day is not the best timing for a wedding. I did not say anything to the gal about my protests concerning the whole situation. I just smiled and said, `Oh honey! That is wonderful! I hope you have a good time.` It is her friends after all, you know?

Anyway, I gotta get my ass off to work now. Enough whining about things I cannot do much about. I will just have a few drinks after work and tough it up today. I do hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentine`s day. Go out and enjoy yourself.