Saturday, March 7, 2009

J-Blog of The Week #7 Good Beer and Country Boys

Last week there was no j-blog of the week. Sorry for that but I have been caught up in a few things. Well,this week I am going back to my roots; sort of. As many of us know, there is an endless amount of blogs about Japan. Almost every topic and situation is covered on the English speaking j-web. From maid cafes to bentos, the English speaking j-web has it all.

I have found a great blog ran by two southern boys from Kentucky. Good Beer and Country Boys is this week`s J-blog of the week.

I love a good beer but these boys might love it more than me. They travel around Japan looking for the best beer. It is a hobby for sure and one hell of a way to spend your free time. Hell, a lot of people in Japan spend their free time getting tanked so a blog about it seems natural. Even more natural is two southern boys in Japan having a blog about drinking. Some thing are just meant to be together.

Anyway these guys know their beer in Japan. One might think that they are keen on drinking in Japan. I for one cannot blame them. Japan does have a damn good selection of beer from all over the world. These guys even introduced me to Yebisu Silk. Even though they might not be a fan of Yebisu I find that most of their beer is not all the bad.

Actually, they are so serious about beer that they will turn down a down a six pack of Seiyu special. When I have had a tough day at work I do not care about taste or quality; it is the effect I am after. Although, I do see their point. There is no substitute for a fine ice cold ale.

I know there are many `beer` lovers in Japan. Country boys are the experts concerning beer. So, unless my logic is wrong; people who live in Japan and love beer must also love Good Beer and Country Boys blog.


DH said...

You Rock. We will link your blog!!!!!!!!!

TheGhost said...

Why thank you good sir.