Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I`m on the Patch

So, I have been trying to quit smoking for about two months now. It has been real hard but I am getting real close to kicking the habit. Well, recently I broke down and started using the tobacco patch. Everyday I wear this little light down patch on either my left or right arm.

The first day it hurt my arm a little bit. It was as if I was getting an injection in my arm all day. At the end of the day my arm felt real sore. Although, I had very little desire to smoke. I did, however, feel real tired. All I wanted to do was go to sleep when I got home. The next morning I was in a real bad mood until I wore a new patch. I have finally learned that nicotine is a very powerful drug. I am convinced that it is more powerful than heroin. The patch gives me much more nicotine than I usually got from smoking. I can feel a strange high from wearing the patch all day. At least I am relaxed and don`t have any desire to rip someone`s head off.

I think the patch is going to work. All I have to do is break my habit of wanting to have a smoke. By not having a cig in my mouth, I think over time I will forget about wanting to smoke. My fear is that I will not be able to stop using the patch. So, I am switching the manner in which I get nicotine.

Anyway, my quest to stop smoking is not over yet. I am doing my best but it has not been easy. I am not ready to give up just yet. I am just too stubborn to give up this idea that I can quit smoking.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit ! Trying to stop smoking while living in tokyo is really brave from you man.

Good luck !

Our Man in Abiko said...

Get a non-smoking Mrs Ghost. That's more potent than a patch (but ultimately more expensive).

Chris said...

I'm on day 45 with no booze or coffee. I feel strong and my fists feel like stones (good).

You can beat that shit bro. It takes your money and gives you death on a slowly delivered platter.

You the man..beat that shit!!

Wholeflaffer said...

A couple of things: you are right that nicotine is more addictive to opiates (i.e., heroin). Heroine has some nasty side-effects that cause spiraling health issues; nicotine takes years and years of abuse (usually) to cause the most egregious health effects (approx. 10 years).

As for the feelings you are having: you can get adjustments to the patch. If it does bother you, you can cut the dosage you are receiving. Even if you do not do it now, you will have to drop the dosages slowly to ween yourself off the patch because you will just replace the addiction from the cigs to the patches! I am not sure if you are getting these OTC or from a doc....

Good luck! This is the best way to go.

billywest said...

Hard to imagine you without a smoke, but it's for the best...
Don't give up all your vices, though. Especially not coffee.
Don't ever give up coffee.

For me, it's coffee and gambling.

TheGhost said...

Yeah, I am forcing myself to stop smoking. It is tough, and I have slipped a few times, but I am still trying.

Jonadab said...

Nicotine is one of the most _addictive_ drugs known.

Heroin, however, is a bad comparison. That stuff causes permanent brain damage with every use, so it's bad news even if you AREN'T addicted.

Nicotine's ill effects (well, other than the social issues, breath and so on) are largely cumulative and gradual, so it really only harms you much if you use it on a regular basis over a significant period of time. Thus, it really is only a problem because it's so addictive.

Still, being off of it is SO much better.

Caffeine is almost as addictive as nicotine, but its side-effects are not nearly as bad, especially long term.