Thursday, September 17, 2009

Against the Grain

It is not easy going against the grain in the land of the raising sun. It becomes even harder when you are living in the capital city of Tokyo. As I expected, like most national capitals in the world, Tokyo is very corrupt. The corruption in this city transcends anything I have never experienced. As usual, the root of the corruption focuses on power and money. I have come to learn this because I have seen and dealt with the corruption in Tokyo first hand.

Corruption in Tokyo business usually comes in two forms; politically driven or power driven.

WARNING: before I go any further if you are corrupted, been blinded by corruption, refuse to admit or stand-up to corruption, or seek to somehow benefit from corruption you will not enjoy this blog post. In fact, you may even grow to hate me deeply.

Anyway, as I was saying...

Politically driven Business corruption in Tokyo

It usually starts in business when a man, or women, attains too much power too quickly. It is common that this person is also not prepared mentally or emotionally for such responsibility. In time others realize that the person in question is not fit for their title. It is at that time when corruption starts to poison the company. The person in question tends to do anything to secure their power. They will lie and spin facts to put themselves in the best light while attempting to put everyone who have contact with them in the worst light. This person is very dangerous and will come after you in time. They will try everything possible to trip you up and get you to say something for the purpose of controlling you or getting you fired.

Said person usually has gained their position due to a power vacuum which needed to be plugged quickly. Having few options the company hands over the position to a person of questionable morals and ability. This happens from time to time due to the aggressive nature of the job market for foreign workers. Now, not every person who finds themselves suddenly in a position of power becomes corrupt; yet it happens often. If you see this kind of thing develop avoid at all cost.

Do not let anyone play politics with you in Tokyo at work. It is a poisonous game which can have very damaging effects on your career. Many hard working people of good nature have had their careers ruined in this city due to one wicked bastards little political game. Although, all I have written so far is only a taste of just how far some people will take the `art` of politics at work. It goes much more deeper than what I have written here.

Power Corruption

Power corruption is closely related to political corruption at the work place with one major difference. When power corruption occurs it is usually for the sake of power itself. I often call those involved in power corruption `social climbers.` It is there goal to attain as much power as possible. They often say, `nothing personal, just business.` I really believe, for these kind of people, it is not about the money. They don`t give a damn how much money they make. It all about the power for them. These people are more dangerous than the politically corrupt in the world of foreign workers in Tokyo.

What really gets me about these types is that they have no mercy on anyone; regardless of the situation. They WILL use anything you say against you for the purpose of furthering their own agenda for power within a given company. If you are not in a position of proper title it is best to avoid any social contact with these types. Reason being is that it is not a friendly evening out for these types. For them, it is a change to trip you up and find a way to put you in their back pocket.

To be clear not every foreigner in Tokyo is like this. In fact, politically and power corrupt assholes are not common at all; but they are out there. All I am trying to say is be careful. I assume most people are smart enough to pick these bastards out pretty quickly. I have met my fair share of scum bags during my time here in Tokyo so far. I have learned how to judge who is `cool` to hang with in Tokyo. It took some time but I think I got the hang of it.

I am still going against the grain here in the land of the raising run. So all you opportunistic assholes looking to screw over your own mother in the pursuit of success can kiss my American ass!


a demonic possessed girl said...

Nothing wrong with a little vigilantism. Though you should remember that most who are corrupt are ruthless, so make it swift and clean.

Of course, trying to beat them at their own game makes you and I merely players in that web of deceit, but you know this already.

Rather, we should find a new game, though our flesh may already be tainted.

TheGhost said...

It has been often said that when fighting evil you will be tainted by it.

To fight it you must understand it deeply.

McAlpine said...

I hate you and I haven't even read this post yet. J/K