Sunday, September 6, 2009

Common People

I have always been one of the many, overworked, overlooked, underpaid and disrespected common people. You know, someone just like you. It may seem I am a little crazy, but that is just because life is hard and I need to laugh in order to make it though. Don`t worry I understand what you are going though. Everyday is just like the day before it seems. People trying to screw each other over everyday for a few extra pennies in their pocket; and maybe a little pride. Yeah...I do it too.

It is not easy being one of the common people. While fat under worked pigs drink wine and laugh at you, another days work seems to ever end fast enough. Some cheap beer, good friends and a sweet gal is all you really have to look forward to. Yeah...I deal with it too.

As common people we just keep pushing along. We hang out on the street and drink because we don`t have enough money to sit in the bar away from the cold. We stare at the pretty girl passing by and wonder what it would be like to sleep with her. We know she thinks we are losers, but that does not stop us from dreaming. Sometimes we even get the nerve to say, `Yo! Pretty girl! What is your name?` She smiles and keeps on walking. It is okay with us because at least we tried. Yeah...I saw her too.

Sometimes it is okay to be common people. Sometimes the boss gets us a seat at the bar; and a nice discount too. We know where all the best hang-out spots are at. We get to fall in love just for the hell of it. We can laugh when we lose our job. Our friends buy us a beer and cheap dinner when we get a promotion. We can stay out all night getting into trouble with the girl down the street. We get to let the office girl at work dry her tears with our dress shirt when her boss yells at her. We fight the bullies and the bad boyfriends. Yeah! We are the common people so FUCK YOU!