Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cheap Ass 7-11 Beer Gets You Drunk!

For all of you who currently live in Japan, I know you have seen it. That vile looking six pack of beer costing only 687 yen at the 7-11. Your better judgment guides you directly away from anything with a 7-11 logo on it calling itself `The Brew.` You take one look at it and say, `Fuck that I got standards.` Well fuck you too! Some of us need to drink for effect not taste or pride. In such situations our good friends at 7-11 have teamed up with Suntory to offer up the Japanese version of Redneck beer called `The Brew.`

Yes my friends, the brew is cheap as shit and will get you drunk. Throw taste completely out the window. Also, give up your pride when slapping a six pack of this stuff in front of the young gal working at your local 7-11. Trust me, you are not the first over worked and underpaid gaijin to buy this shit. I have even seem a few Japanese dudes go for it a few times. You know, in these hard economic times cheap beer is good for the soul.

Actually, I am no stranger to cheap beer. Back in the mountains of West Virginia we were known to get drunk on Natural Light very often. We made no bones about our intentions when picking up a case of `Natties.` Natural Light is true Redneck beer and 7-11`s The Brew matches it on all levels:

5% alcohol
Watered down flavor
Taste like the crap on the floor of the brewery
Gets you drunk!

When you want to get drunk and do not care about the quality of the beer; 7-11 beer is for you!


Al said...

It's going to take a few to get you drunk at 5% alcohol. If you really want to get drunk on the cheap pick up some of the 100 yen fruit drinks with shochu in them. At 8% you'll feel it quicker and not have to put up with shitty Japanese beer taste.

Nick Ramsay said...

Conbini beer is all I ever drink!

TheGhost said...

I will hit up a combini for a few cold ones after work usually. I got no shame! LOL

Billy said...

I gave this beer a shot last week. I gotta say it tastes like crap. I'd rather spend the money and enjoy real beer. I won't buy the cheap-o 7-11 beer again.

billywest said...

I could see myself splurging for a can of decent beer for the first one - drink it fast for the buzz effect. Then, I guess I could stomach the 7-11 hogwash.

David said...

I almost bought that the other night for my cheapsake thing, but I decided that my liver needed a break. I'm glad someone has posted about this glory in a can. If only it came in a white can with blue letters that said "BEER" on it.

TheGhost said...

`If only it came in a white can with blue letters that said "BEER" on it.`

If it did the humor would be epic. Or it would be close to drinking good old Blue Ribbon.

Emery Moon said...

Check out:

"7-11 Demands that Congress Raise Slurpee Prices" ?!

Anonymous said...

is porn the only winner during credit crunch?