Saturday, October 3, 2009

What is in a Gaijin`s Mail Box?

After you properly establish yourself in Japan you will start to get mail. When I say `properly established` I mean a decent apartment(not a guest house), have all the utilities turned on, cell phone service etc. So, what kind of mail can you expect to get? Well, that depends on what you consider to be mail.

I get a lot of stuff from pizza places. I guess this is because I order pizza enough to get my address added to their mailing list in black ink. Most people just throw those away but sometimes those leaflets have some pretty decent deals. I also get a lot of useless crap that gets on my nerves more than anything else.

From time to time I do get some crazy shit in my mail box. I will say it simply: PORN. For some god damn reason I get some form of porn in my mail box from time to time. I don`t know how this started, or if it is even common, but someone in Japan is under the impression I am a porn freak.

There is usually two types of porn I get in my mail box. The first type is ads for DVD`s. These are sick DVD`s too. The kind of stuff that you usually have to go to the Cho to find. I don`t know why they think I am interested in watching old women having sex with college boys.

The second type I get is ads for hostess bars. It does not really count as porn but I have heard those `ladies` are always looking for a papa-san. Well, I don`t make the kind of money to afford a whining young chick who likes to shop in Ginza. They will just have to do without me visiting their bar.

Besides porn and pizza ads I usual get the monthly bills, community newsletters, wing-nut religious crap, and well wishes from my in-laws. The gal gets all those girl mags, which I find slightly amusing by her excitement then they arrive in the mail.

So, for all people living here in Japan: Do you get anything odd in your mail box? If you get anything really strange please share in the comments below.


reesan said...

Pizza and porn! All you need now is some beer ads and you could make a night of it.

TheGhost said...

They must have me tagged as a pizza eating, porn watching, beer drinking American.

Jessi said...

I think the pizza ones go to everyone. I've never ordered a pizza in Japan in my life, but I still get the monthly (?) ads from Dominos, Pizzala, you name it. I also get similar ones for Chinese food delivery places, sushi delivery places, etc. I'd say most of the junk mail I get has to do with food :O

Orchid64 said...

Back when I first came to Japan (20 years ago), we used to see a lot more porn ads and ads for "Q dial" (dial-a-porn). We even had a yellow ballpoint pen they left in there which we used for years not knowing that it was affiliated with dial for paid dates.

We get tons of menus from pizza places, Chinese restaurants, and sushi places as well as a plethora of real estate brochures (esp. for buying condos, but also for rental) and fitness club ads (to help you work off all the pizza). For awhile, we also got flyers for fast food places like KFC and Cocoichiban curry, but that stopped about a decade ago.

Here's my own mail bombing picture:

Sade said...

I seem to keep getting these ads for cleaning services, showing pictures of rooms piled up to the ceiling with garbage. do they think gaijin are dirty?

TheGhost said...

I have never got adverts for cleaning services. Although, I have seen some pretty dirty Japanese apartments before. Mostly, single guys.

I was seated on the floor getting a tattoo at some dudes apartment while using a pile of t-shirts as a back rest.

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