Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hawaii Burger in Japan from our Good Friends at McDonald`s

It has been a pretty heavy week for me personally. It is one of those things which punches you in the gut for no good reason. The situation has drained me like a vampire at a blood bank. Yet, despite things being a little fucked up at the moment there is always time for a burger!

The devil of fast food goodness, McDonald`s, has released the third on a series of `custom` burgers to draw in more hungry poor ass folks like myself. The first of these special heart attack in box beauties were pretty good. The Texas burger was a nice change from the usual McDonald`s menu. I skipped out on the New York burger because the damn thing just did not seem like it was worth the money anyway. So, after dealing with the tragic events of the past week I decided to throw caution to the wind and give the Hawaii burger a go.

The past Friday my Japanese counter-part in Kamata was unusually hungry. I talked him into trying out this new offering from kings of poor quality burgers. He seem to like it but I thought it was really just a run of the mill burger. For one thing, it has no pineapples! I mean, come on! It is called a damn Hawaii burger after all. It was more like a dressed up bacon burger. It McDonald`s is trying to give Burger King a run for their money they are committing an epic fail. They must be trying to rely on pure marketing for sell these burgers. You know, `Hay Japanese! Americans from Hawaii eat burgers this way. Come and get it!`

In short, do not buy this damn burger unless you are really hungry and short on time.


Chris said...

We actually don't eat burgers like that in Hawaii.

A locomoco plate or mini plate or a burger but not one themed off the other. If they copied "Cheeseburger in Paradise" or "Rainbow's" or "Bob's Big Boy" and one of their burgers I could see it being a Hawaiian burger but it's just a shallow gimmic. (most gimmics are by nature shallow ...I think?)

I am a child of McDonalds (I grew up near one and went every Friday religiously)

I'm sure some of my friends in Hawaii are grinding on one right now and maybe loving it but it isn't remindind them of their favorite local burger for sure ;)

Negro Ninja said...

You should try the off-menu Fur Burger!

It's a little hairy, but wow, double meat, double cheese - hold the pickle.

TheGhost said...

@Chris--I figured people in Hawaii have better burgers than what McDonald`s is offering.
BTW Is `Bob`s Big Boy` related to the awesome `Big Boy` restaurant Japan saved from going under a few years back?

@Negro Ninja--Fur Burger. LOL