Friday, November 19, 2010

You Blog?! Why?

Truth be told most people I know in the `real world` do not blog. In fact. most of them have never even considered blogging. I only really know two people two actually blog. I good buddy from work Alex the Brit has his site to his site and encourage him to post more) and of course Mr. Billy `Tokyo` West who currently is not so active in the blogging world. People ask me all the time, `Why in the hell do you blog? It is kind of a waste of time.` I have always been able to answer this question pretty easily by saying,`I do it because it is fun for me. I like to write about things that I see and experience.` I really do feel that way about blogging in general. It is fun hobby which gives me the chance to share my little world with everyone out there in internet land. It has always been fun for me to be apart of something which anyone can do and be decently good at. It does not take a master level knowledge of internet code or marketing to have your own little blog.

Yet blogging is something a bit more bigger than just a fun hobby. Blogging is another form of spreading information. The internet is in its purest form is a giant library of information of just about every topic known to mankind. When anyone post a blog entry about any topic for any reason it just adds to the wealth of information in the net. Some blogs only add an opinion or an experience had by one lone person in the world. Yet,despite the weight of the content THAT lone blogger posting about something which seems unimportant to you or I will most likely be important to someone out there in the harsh world. It would only make sense to assume that every blog post carries with it important information worth sharing with billions of people.

For some folks blogging is more than just a hobby. There are folks making a shit load of cash just by blogging. They put a lot of time and effort selling ads on their site and getting paid sponsors. These kind of people pretty much live on the internet. Of course they do other stuff but majority of their day is spent doing something internet related. For a professional blogger it is more about making money than really sharing information. I don`t hate on these types of folks because if they got a damn good blog and lots of people check it out then go ahead and make some money off of it. Making serious cash doing something fun which requires very little hard labor is kind of a dream job.

So yeah, I blog because it is fun other people blog to score some cash. Both reasons for blogging is okay with me. It all comes to the spread of information in the end. If people want to hate on me then they really are wasting their time. Do you really want to be the person hating on someone`s hobby? At this point, when someone leaves a fucked up comment on my blog I just delete it and move on. I suggest everyone do the same thing. No one has to put up with assholes trying to leave a bag of shit on their front door.

Anyway, I am going to go ahead and end my `Why Blog` post before it becomes a long ass rant with little or no direction.

If you want check out my other blog; It is more of a political blog so if you are interested give it a look.


Orchid64 said...

I can't understand why anyone would question the desire to blog. Writing, journaling, etc. have been activities that people have pursued for centuries. Even before the internet existed (yes, I'm that old), I wrote for small publications that friends made and distributed and I wrote to about 20 penpals (back when we had to rely on the postal service to communicate economically at great distances). Blogging is about a form of expression, just like painting or writing fictional stories. The bottom line is that it is a creative act, and the value lies in satisfying yourself with the work you are doing.

I think some people think that the fact that it *looks* easy devalues it. It's not easy at all. So many people start a blog and do a handful of posts then peter out because they don't know how to continue to organize their thoughts or frame their experiences in a manner which makes them worthwhile to talk about. Creating and maintaining an ongoing body of work isn't a trivial matter, and it has inherent value even if no one else reads it or if you make not money from it.

TheGhost said...

Welcome to the 21th century. Most people don`t do anything unless they are told to do it. We are surrounded by slaves. Too many people these days need instructions on how to do anything.