Thursday, May 5, 2011

So Drunk I Cannot Remember...This Shit Needs to Come to an End

Getting drunk is fun. I will never say that it is not. I have had plenty of good times, and a few bad times, getting wasted. I have endless tales of my drunken adventures I could share, if only I could remember exactly what happened. Yep, I tend to get so drunk that I have trouble remembering exactly what happened. It is a problem that needs to be dealt with. You see, I know a lot of people who get hammered on a regular basis. They will never admit it. Instead I am sure they would rather point the finger at me then face up to their own problem. It is damn easy to be a crazed drunker in Japan and get away with it. Heavy drinking is part of the culture. People get shit faced daily here. I am not the best person to give advice on drinking. I have drank myself stupid so many times that I cannot say to anyone, `You need to slow down.`

Lucky for me, I do not drink everyday. I don`t have that kind of issue with drinking. I do know a few folks you do drink everyday. That is their business and fine by me. What I am tired of doing is getting so damn drunk that I cannot remember most of what happened. I am usually able to remember everything until the point in which I either blackout or start to feel like I want to puke. After that point everything becomes fuzzy. I am simply tired of doing it. It guess binge drinking is a way to deal with the daily stress of living a very large urban area. The isolation can take its toll on me at times. I keep a lot of shit pinned up inside of me and it finally comes out though drinking or when something finally happens that pushes me over the edge. I am sure that the damn binge drinking is not a good way to deal with a mass amount of stress which has been bottled up for a while. I only end up drunk as a skunk and unable to function. Yeah, the stress gets released but I am doing more damage then good. So, I have two options: stop drinking all together or teach myself how to be a social drinker. Both sound like pretty good options to me so I have no problem making alcohol a much smaller part of my life.

It is all part of a larger process I am going though. There are things I desire to change about my life. Not putting up with people`s shit is one them and I am getting that handled currently. One of the other big things is binge drinking. It may be a normal thing here in Japan but I cannot do it anymore. It is not fun anymore. It fucks up my body and makes me a hard person to deal with. There are plenty of other things I could spend my money on than getting trashed. I am lucky I don`t do it everyday or I might be dead by now. At least once a week I have been getting shit faced beyond any acceptable level. It is going to end. I know it will make me a lot more healthy. It will also let me get inside my head easier. I would rather drink a nice cup or bottle of tea to relax than get drunk to the point of no return.


Chris said...

I'm a retired "super drunk" and I'm totally cool with it. After I go back to Hawaii...who knows??? But Japan and the underlying stresses it causes are too much fire to be throwing gas more saying I'm sorry for dumb shit I don't remember...I don't miss that at all!!

kathrynoh said...

Going from binge drinking to social drinking is pretty hard I reckon. Once you are happily tipsy, it's so easy to keep going. I often think that later - oh I could have stopped at that point in the night ... but it's only in hindsight!

TheGhost said...

It is starting to take longer and longer to shake off a hangover. I hate going to work the next day feeling like pure shit.
Plus I want to remember more of the good times.

Chris said...

Thanks for throwing up the badge!

I'll be posting a link to one of your posts. If you got one you wanna re issue let me know!

TheGhost said...

@Chris--Yeah, I am loving the idea of a blog digest of raw motherfuckers living in Japan. I will use the contact option on the site to give a suggestion.