Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Connotative Value of `Fuck It!`

 There are few greater joys in life than experiencing the the pure essence of `Fuck It.` The phrase seems to carry nothing more than a superficial  steam release when hearing it in passing. Yet, it carries much more meaning when one considers the connotative value of the phrase.

It is easy enough to connect `Screw it` with `Fuck It` but those two phrases carry different values. When a person says Screw it, they imply that the situation is hopeless. There is really nothing left to say or do after stating Screw it. You might as well cut your losses and move on. When saying Screw it, it ends all debate and there can be no positive outcome. People are left standing beside themselves struggling to come to terms with the fact you have `walked away` from the situation suddenly. While `Screw it` breaks off all conversation on any given issue or topic, `Fuck it` takes things to a totally new level.

`Fuck It` implies that you have decided there is really only one option. The only thing that can be done is to serve up the harshest reaction to any given situation. This useful expression makes it very clear your intentions as to how you are going to resolve the situation. Your way is the only solution that really matters. It is as much of a warning as it is a statement of self-determination. Look out! A fury of pure raw take no prisoners attitude is about to be added to the mix. Fuck it! Shit is about to get real up in this motherfucker!


Chris said...

Love the pic! Yeah...I always say "Fuck it" b4 bungee jumping which is a good thing....

If I said "Screw it" I'd be backing out and that just would never happen...definite differences!

TheGhost said...

Full on everyday all the time. Fuck It! Let the good times roll!