Friday, February 27, 2009

Warning: Down Time

Recently, I have been trying to have a little down time. You know, not doing much of anything except relaxing at home. Currently, I an on the tail end of a transition in my daily work schedule. I have been enduring tight all day meetings, along with, making sure everyone is to to speed with everyone else. I have backed off the independent teacher stuff for a while. I cannot balance my duties at work with trying to teach students on the side. Besides, my day job is gonna fill my days pretty well; leaving me little time for any side work.

Anyway, I have somehow been able to squeeze out some much needed down time from my schedule. I need these few days to get my head clear and focus myself for what will prove to be a very busy March. I will start traveling around the Tokyo area to manage several different branches under my responsibility; starting from March. A lot of work has already went into getting the system set up, and we are pretty much ready to lock and load. I do expect a few tough spots during March but six months from now the area manager system should be running like a well oiled machine.

Everyone is focusing on a different part of branch operation they want to improve. For me, I am going to put a huge focus on improving professional appearance, increase sales by increasing the variety of lessons offered, developing a closer bond along teachers, involve teachers more in the daily operation of their base branch, etc... After looking at what I am up against I feel that I get at lease get some improvement out of all parts of branch operation I want.

But anyway...enough of that work stuff. I am getting tanked! Oh yeah, instead of running around Tokyo looking for something to get into, I am relaxing at home getting wasted on big bottles of Kirin Beer classic. I have had little desire to venture out into the depths of the city as of late. I know exactly what is out there. As of late, I just have not had much of a desire to jump head first into the madness of Tokyo. Maybe this is good for me due to all the stuff I been working on recently. Staying out of trouble has it advantage.

SO, how many of you out there like to get tanked at home as a way of letting off steam? What is your favorite drink to get smashed on at home?