Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Eye of a Tiger

As of late, I have felt many different emotions back to back. Highs and lows are coming at me at the speed of light. It has been a draining experience to say to least. Yet, though it all I have developed the eye of a tiger. While my life has been a little extreme(when is it not), it has only inspired me to buckle down and get tough.

Yeah, the pressure has been very heavy recently. My professional and personal life has been pulling at me from all angles. I must admit, there was a moment when I though I was going to break under the pressure. I remember this moment well. I was hiding out at an internet cafe in bukodo. It had been an interesting night. I met one of my favorite people in Tokyo by random chance. We had a few drinks while laughing the night away. Although, that night I saw somethings which brought me to the point of causing my entire being to become sick. I felt as if I was finally going to go totally nuts. I had a dark moment which almost broke me. The feeling stuck with me for several days. I did not know if I should say `fuck it` or hold strong. As you can guess, I decided to hold stronge and call Tokyo`s bluff. It seems that Tokyo is not as badass as she wants me be believe.

So, I have made it though the dark moment. I feel stronger than ever. I have the eye of the tiger. I am ready for anything. I am excited about the near future. Many good things may come my way during 2009. It all depends on me. For the first time in years I have my future in my own hands. What happens at from this point largely depends on me.

I am again attacking each day with the goal of dominating everything I attempt to achieve. When I leave the house I am ready for whatever happens. I expect something to go wrong. I actually get excited when something does not go as planned. The god of chaos enjoys testing me everyday. The sick bastard gets his jollies from watching me deal with whatever shit he throws at me. I have come to the point in which I laugh in the face of the god of chaos.

Anyway, life will be interesting during the month of March. I will be traveling around Tokyo for my job. I have to go and `check out a lot of people out` while getting things more on the up and up. We(the company) have worked damn hard to get to the point in which we are now. Things are finally starting to look a little better. I am excited about being in on the action; so to speak. I will meet everyday head on. The energy I have for what I am doing will ever fade anymore. I am going to kick ass and take names!

P.S. This month I am hosting the Japan Blog Matsuri. I will announce the topic on Monday.


Chris said...

Your lucky you can get through the tough spots without medication. I envy you.
I had my visa "revoked" for brawling with the local chimpiras and live among the izakiyas and and not allowed in a single one that is run by the Yaks. I am blessed by god to be able to get 100 people into my school after being in the local paper twice for bad things.

I bet some of them are waiting for the train wreck so they can have a front row seat (that would be very bad for them).

I make ridiculous money so i stay...I've sold my soul and not proud of it.

If you can make it through the bullshit and drama and 2 faced scumbags and keep your sanity without drugs.....dayum!!

Power to Ya!!
*Keep Ya Head Up*

TheGhost said...

I am actually impressed that you got your own English school up and running. I would like to do the same someday.

My current job is turning out to be a whole lot more than I expected. I see now that I really am going to have to kick ass and take names some what. I am juggling to different position in the company. I am an instructor and a manager. It is proving to be fun yet at the same time challenging.

I have not been arrested yet. I hope it never happens. I did almost get into a fight on a train once. Lucky for me the guy did not want to fight me as much as he said.