Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is The Economic Squeeze Finally Starting to Effect Tokyojin?

The big talk these days is this whole world economic crisis. I keep tabs on such things due to my radical political past. In the states I was one of those Ron Paul patriots types. You know, the ones who tried to tell everyone that there was a problem. Sadly, everyone laughed at us when we said that the house of cards was about to fall and bring about a N.W.O. Now who is crazy?

After all the hell raising and trying to save the republic, I now find myself in Japan watching the world burn. On this blog I have skipped over my patriot adventures. The main reason I have not really wrote about that part of my life is due to all the socialist thought I run across on the English speaking J-web. Socialist tend to drag out the hate parade pretty quick. They can be some real mean bastards when you disagree with them. So, as I hide out in the land of the raising sun watching the world fall into centralized control by a small group of elites I wonder; how is everyone holding up in Tokyo?

People have a bad habit of not talking about money openly in Tokyo. I guess this is the norm across Japan. If a person is having money problems in Tokyo, they tend to not want to discuss it with anyone. One day they just jump in front of a train to end all their pain; fucking up a lot of people`s day in the process. In my opinion, suicide is a show of weakness which deserves no mercy; but that is just me. I have been though some hard times but not once did I even consider killing myself. It makes no sense to me how a person can decide that suicide solves anything. Hell, Japan has got a population decrease issue. They should be trying to encourage people not do kill themselves. Yet, dingle berries like Aso are chosen by `the party` to lead the nation.

Are you ready to jump in front of a train? Are your money problem gotten so bad that you want to roll over and give up? I for one am actually doing just fine. The great sea of shit flowing over the world has, so far, not put a nice brown stain on my underwear yet. Lets here how all of you Tokyo people are doing. Maybe we can air out the room a bit so to speak.


Tornadoes28 said...

I agree with you. Here in the States there are the losers who are having financial problems who decide they are going to kill their wife and kids before killing themselves. What they really need to do is just kill themselves first before killing anybody else.

The other suicide losers are like the ones in Japan that jump in front of trains. Here they stand on a freeway overpass for three hours fucking up traffic on the 405 freeway. Often the idiot ends up not even jumping. Other times the idiot does jump and screws up traffic for hours for hundreds of thousands of other people.

TheGhost said...

People are finally realizing that it was a mistake to print money out of thin air endlessly. It is called debt. Here in Tokyo I was wise enough not to go into debt for any reason.

The jumpers in Tokyo are a real pain in the ass. Why can`t they just hang themselves at home like a decent person.