Thursday, April 9, 2009

Old Man Winter Finally Leaves Tokyo the Hell Alone

I have been waiting for what seems like forever. The winter was long and hard but now it seems as if Tokyo will get nothing but warmer temperatures until at least September. I always thought the winters in West Virginia were pretty unforgiving. Dealing with multiple blizzards and being trapped within a mountain village for weeks on end is not a pleasant situation. Hell, I think West Virginia people might have coined the phrase `Cabin Fever.` Yet, surviving a winter in Tokyo is a horse of a different color.

Heavy snow is not really an issue in Tokyo. I have only seen snow in Tokyo once. It snowed for a few minutes and none of it stuck. It is the wind and the bitter cold that is a real pain in the ass to deal with in Tokyo. Never the less, winter seems to be gone and the beauty cherry blossoms and warm weather is finally here.

Now, I am left with the desire to out and enjoy the nice weather. I got a few options. I could head over the Yoyogi park. It has always been my favorite park in Tokyo. There is just something about the place which attracts me. I guess it is the fact that there is usually some action to be had at Yoyogi park. You never know who you might pick up as a running mate for the day. I have had some interesting experiences just hanging in Yoyogi park. Hell, I might end up there today.

My other option to take in some of the nice weather is just wonding around Tokyo taking in all the slights and sounds. This is always fun indeed. Tokyo is a strange place. Almost anything can happen at any time. As long as I am able to avoid running into a total psycho a good walkabout can provide plenty of cheap thrills.


Chris said...

The trouble with japan #?

After this beautiful weather comes the sweltering summer. The kind of heat that kills old people and pets/kids stuck in cars.

Like Ice Cube said:

"Today was a good day"

Jamaipanese said...

winter? isn't that an urban myth. That doesn't exist here in Jamaica :D

billywest said...

Have to say that Spring is greenifying my neighborhood and making it much more attractive. Glad I moved to this neighborhood.