Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Right-Wing in Japan Is Insane.

Leave it to the right-wing in Japan to ruin even the most beautiful moments in life. Case in point is the past Friday. Due to the weather, I was not able to get in some cherry blossom viewing until this past Friday. The weather was finally great and I was feeling good. I decided to go down to Yoyogi park. Yoyogi has some of the best cherry blossoms in Tokyo. It also has some of the best cherry blossom parties. I arrived around 1:00 p.m. In my usual lone ranger style I made no plans to meet up with anyone. Although I enjoy meeting up with people from time to time,it is fun for me to dive head first into downtown Tokyo all by myself.

So after I hopped off the Yamanote train at Harajuku station, I make a bee line for Yoyogi park. It was already packed with people. The ground was covered with blue tarps and drunken cherry blossom lovers. I found me a comfortable spot, out of the way, against the base of a large tree. For about two hours I just sat, drank, and enjoyed the beauty around me. It was enjoyable to just look at the cherry blossoms and all the people having a good time. It was fun of course until I was invited to join one of the groups drinking.

I caught the eye of a few gals in business suits. They invited me over to their tarp for a drink. I thought to myself, `Ok What is the worst that could happen?` After having a drink with them the group beside them dragged me over to their tarp. They were a young group of so-called `freeders` for the most part. They were fun, although way too drunk way too early. After some time this one guy starts talking to me. He tells me, `I hate Americans but I like you.` My first reaction was to slap him in the mouth for speaking to me in such a manner. You do not say such things to Americans. It is real stupid to tell an American that you hate America. I decided to let it go for the time being. I did not want to get pissed off.

Anyway, the gals were nice and everyone else was being nice to me. Although, I could feel that something was not right with the situation. Most of the men did not like me for some reason. A few of them were okay but I could feel that most of them wanted to make trouble. Lucky for me they lacked the balls to try anything; except this one guy. After sun set two of the young men kept trying to get me to go some place with them, I resisted them as best I could. Eventually, one of them got my attention enough and pushed some girl on me. He said, `She wants to talk with you. Go have sex with her.` Before I knew it he was gone and I was stuck with one of the gals from the group. Things just kept getting more strange by the minute. I asked her, `What do you really want dear?` She replied, `I want a beer.` It was an easy enough request. I got her a beer and took her to Shibuya gate. Remember that I am married and this girl is young and drunk. I talked to her a bit and let her finish her beer before taking her back to her group.

When I brought her back she wanted to exchange phone numbers. I exchanged numbers with the understanding that my intention is to make friends. At this point is when the one brave fucker wanted to start some shit(and also prove my point that the right-wing in Japan is insane). This is the same guy who told me that he hates Americans. He gets right up in my face and says, `What are you doing American? She belong to Japan . You no talk to her! Understand?` This guy was begging for a broken noise. I thought to myself, `Oh fuck! Here we go. Yet another crazy ass fucking right-winger in Japan.` I finally decided that I was not going to put up with his shit any longer. So, I smiled and said to him,`Be careful what you say. You are making a big mistake. Americans no play with little boys.` He kept smiling at me like some insane maniac as if I was nothing more than shit on his shoes. I just stared him down until he realized that he was in over his head. He slowly backed off but kept that fucked-up smile on his face the entire time.

So, this is the behavior the right-wing in Japan is teaching young men these days. They are going to get this kid killed. This kid had to be no older than 21 at best. He knows nothing about the world at all. I know that one day someone is going to fuck his shit up real bad. I am sure that he is involved with the Japanese right-wing because only the right says such things. So, there you have it. The right-wing in Japan think that all Japanese women are property of Japan. These stupid fucks can even ruin a nice day of cherry blossom viewing.


John Maszka said...


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Chris said...

I have banged out some sorry punks who just were at the wrong place/wrong time.

Go home American??
Yeah, right after i follow you home wait till the next day and jump you for a wicked beatdown.

No booze in him to dull the pain or the memory of my face.

He's lucky it wasn't me and lucky you showed some restraint.

Woulda sucked bein in Jail on such a beautiful day anyway ;)

TheGhost said...

The little punk was so lucky that it was me he was messing with and not another American. The way I looked it was he is a punk kid and I am a full grown adult. I would mess him up so bad. I am sure that he has little experience fighting; at least less than me. All it would have taken was a quick punch to the face and he would have had a broken noise. Don`t worry, I am keeping tabs in this little bastard for a while.

I know the right think that are protecting Japan but telling the youth to behave this way is going to get these kids killed.

McAlpine said...

I wanna be nice on this post. I will be nice. I have turned over a new leaf, but you know what and who I represent here in Japan. And what happened to you was fodder. I did enjoy reading it. I laughed because the Japanese have every right to be bitter against America, and you come off smug, and so you draw the kind of negative attention you get.
It runs counter to our last argument about Japanese shunning the right-wing, they are not. They only appear to be when its convenient, and not when they want to prove a point.

Where you come from I'd probably be treated the same way if I talked to a white woman.

TheGhost said...

Actually you would not be treated that way for talking to a white women. Just like the extreme right-wing in Japan, racist in the south are in the minority. Most cultures have their extreme groups who bring shame to the society as a whole.

And how many times must I tell you that you will never be accepted by the extreme right in Japan. They hate you just as much as they hate me. In the end they would kill you and me without thinking twice. You always defend people who hate you. I will never understand your thinking on such things.

I am not smug. I am a man of liberty, which means I do not give a fuck about the lives of people I have no connection with.

A little background to the post. That guy got pissed because he liked that girl but lacked the balls to talk to her. I did talk to her and even got her a beer. She enjoyed the attention which made him angry. So, instead of being a man about the situation he decides to start the whole `I hate non-Japanese` shit as a way of showing he is a man. Really sad in my opinion. That is not how a man acts at all.

McAlpine said...

I finally have a few minutes here.

It's the status quo that hates me not the uyoku or other right wing elements. Whenever a person of color can't get ahead in America or Japan the status quo usually has a hand in it, not the right wingers in Japan, and no, you and I are not cast in the same light.

Blacks have never done anything to Japanese. Can the same be said on your end?

The uyoku have a general hatred for all foreigners, but that doesn't make us the same in no way shape or form. Trust me. The status quo hates me even more.

Alex said...

"Blacks have never done anything to Japanese. Can the same be said on your end?"

Say what now?