Friday, April 29, 2011

The Plan is Simple...Kick Ass!

The picture you see to your left was taken a few years ago in Yoyogi-park. I was fresh off the boat back then. A raw untamed southern bastard from West Virginia. I was barbaric and unfit for the Japanese public. Many thought it was a very bad idea to unleash me upon the masses in Tokyo. Yet, here I am all those years later. To tell you the truth, this city has kind of fucked my head up.

The kind of mind fuck this dirty city I call home has done to me is not entirely it`s fault. I am to blame just as much as Tokyo is for the state I have allowed myself to sink into. The god of chaos has never left me but that asshole has left me high and dry on one thing which he used to always shield me from: conformity.

Oh yeah gang! Yall would think that conformity would have little or no effect on me but sadly is has found a way to fuck my head up a bit. You see gang, I have been doing my best to pull a fast one on conformity in order to maintain a solid day job and a decent paycheck. This little game I have been playing has had the unexpected side effect of creating a duality in my mind and turning my body to shit. It can happen to the best of us and it happened to me.

I realized this a few months ago and have been in a process of purging myself of the conformity bull shit from my mind and body. A sense of new found liberty if you will. Conformity makes you give a rats ass about things which are totally shit. The idea that I should really worry about what other think of me and how that is going to effect my own happiness is fucked up! There are so many damn snakes in Tokyo that the best thing to do is ID them real quick and dismiss their ass just as fast. I really did give it my best try. Wearing the `nice guy badge` turned out to be not worth the effort. I got sucked into that shit by lust of money and the weight of Japanese corporate culture. Everyone has got to make money but all the ass kissing and political games is a waste of time in my mind. Sadly, there are so many little snakes in the grass that have been forced into a position to write off and dismiss a lot of people. I don`t like being like that but that is the way it has got to be.

Any fucking way, the next step looks to be getting under way soon. I have got to get my body back close to prime condition. I joined a gym and starting from May I am hitting the weights. I have already started to curb eating all the crap food that is so easy to grab in this city. The lifestyle here kind of pushes people to eat shit food. The world of serving the all mighty corporate grid will have a person running around like a chicken with it`s head cut off. I find myself in a hurry to go someplace I don`t want to be at way too often. That `always on the go` lifestyle equals eating grab and go shit food daily. Combine that with all the drinking and smoking and your body turns to garbage pretty quick.

I have tried to quit smoking several times and it always ended in failure. Seeing that smoking is a ball and chain I will have to carry around for a while, the best thing I can do is control it.Ten smokes a day seems like a decent level for now. I am pretty damn sure I an make that a regular level in about two weeks time. I have seen hardcore smokers toss the shit away cold turkey so I can at least put myself on a beggars ration of ten a day.

However, drinking is the weak point. Almost all of my fondest chaotic moments in my life have started and ended with alcohol. I know that is not something most people would be proud of but at least I am honest. I could write an entire book about my tales of alcohol fuel chaos and I am sure it would be a best selling; or at least hit the top 200 NYT best sellers list. Yet there has always been a line with me and alcohol that I only crossed a few times. Drinking should add to the glorious devilish fun not be the fun. As any bad ass hellbilly greaser should know, booze is your buddy not your lover. I can honestly admit that I have only used booze as a shoulder to cry on less than most of the crazed manics you will run into daily. Every time I have realized that I was using alcohol as a substitute for a lover or even emotional support I tossed the stuff in the garbage for a while. With that said, I still have to be careful about the effects of hard drinking. Drinking too much will cause weight gain. The kind of weight gain which is hard to burn off. I see so many beer bellied Japanese guys in Tokyo that is has scared me a bit. I don`t want to end up looking like that.

So the process of rebuilding my body is on. It really is time to kick some ass. 


BiggerInJapan said...

good on ya, Ghost! And don't be a pussy. quit the cigs. I did (a loooong time ago, I admit), keep the booze @ one time per week. Two worlds of difference.

squats, DL, B, OHP and chins/pullups. Low rep high weight. All you'll ever need. Eat meat fish tofu and ban the cheap carbs. It's soo fucking easy once you set your mind to it.

Chris said...

My Body is a Temple and I worship at it Daily. No booze no sugar...just weights and boxing (hitting the bag till I feel like Ima die)

I'm with Big...fuck the carbs...replace the grams with tofu and you'll be amazed at how hard your body will get.

Good luck!! (it ain't luck's how bad you want it, thats the beauty)

Corinne said...

Good luck, alcohol is my weakness too but moderation is always good in my opinion. Well, except when it comes to carbs and sugar I guess... Looking forward to reading how you go!

TheGhost said...

I think the carbs are going to big the biggest problem because rice is a staple food in Japan. Rice is pretty much pure carbs.

Chris said...

If you can reduce carbs and increase protein for 21 days your body will go through ketosis (?) and your piss will reek bad but you'll start feeling really strong and the desire for sugar and carbs will go away. You'll also have great workouts and get strong as fuck and cut. I'm currently in the best shape muscle wise in a few years and it's only possible with that reduced (almost none to start) carb diet.

TheGhost said...

@Chris--That is exactly what I want to do. That is great advice! I need to get my body to build muscle and not store so much fat. The workouts will burn the fat that I need to get rid of as long as I can avoid adding more fat. The protein will help build muscle.

Anonymous said...


Almost forgot to stop by, but here I am.
Brilliant you're pulling your finger out and do something. Looks like you've sort of passed the threshold. Now you need to wait for the switch that lets you look at the ciggies and feel disgusted. I know you can do it.

Generic Jen B said...

Just watching a youtube video about how fructose is basically the only reason those guys have metabolic syndrome. It makes sense to me. I'm skinny... but skinny fat. I exercise, don't eat loads, but I can't drop the fat that threatens my heart... and it's because I'm addicted to any kind of crap that has HFCS etc.
Also, meat is BS but I'm in the minority here so I'll shut up. Being vegan = rebellion! Heheh :-)

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