Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Perfect Snack for the Commute to Work.

On my daily commute to work I usually stop at the little quick stop at Kita-Senju station, on the TX side, and grab a great little snack. I have only picked-up this habit over the course of the past month. I had been looking for a way to shake the shitty feeling of traveling to work by train for a while now. I tried drinking mass amounts of coffee, but that usually ended in me being way to wired for work.

Well, one morning I stopped at the quick stop, hungry as hell, and saw this odd looking snack. The price was right, only 168 yen, so I took a chance and bought one. As I walked to the Joban line at Kita-Senju station, I munched on this little snack. I was really surprised by how good it was. It is basically two prices of pork, or chicken, wrapped inside bread. There some kind of sauce which gives it a pretty good flavor. It really hits the spot!

I quickly became hooked on the stuff. Now, I find myself hitting up the quick stop almost everyday to grab one of these things. I have finally found a cure for the train ride blues. It fills my stomach and leaves me feeling right as white on rice. It is important that I show up for work in a good mood. If I show up feeling like crap, it is really hard for me to force a smile. I have been keeping this little golden nugget of Japanese snack food to myself;but now the cat is out of the bag. If you run across this odd, but tasty stuff, be sure to give it a try. It have been greaser approved for you eating pleasure. HaHaHa!

So, this is my entry for the February Japan Blog Matsuri. The J-blog Matsuri is a monthly collection of entries from several most excellent J-blogs. Next month The Ghost Letters will be hosting the Matsuri. Someone made the mistake of giving me control of the Japan Blog Matsuri. I am keeping the topic under wraps until around the first of March. This month the topic is food in japan. The host for February is Deas of Rocking in Hakata.


Jordan said...

I like how Deas totally hated on these snacks and then at the end of the video decided they weren't half bad. I've never had one myself, but they seem alright. Maybe I'll get one tomorrow.

Deas said...

Wait up Jordan - I was dissing (and then recanting my misplaced hatred for) the peanut butter filling! This is a totally different snack! :-P