Friday, February 20, 2009

J-Blog of the Week Ed.#6 Chirimotsumoreba

Not to worry there will be a J-blog of the week. I have been moving the date around a lot for this thing; but now is looks like Friday is during out to be the day for the weekly J-blog. I have really enjoyed doing this so far. The whole point of the J-blog of the week is to expose people to English language J-blog that a lot of people might otherwise overlook. My site, surprising enough, gets a pretty good amount of hits so this is my way of giving back to the English J-web community.

This week lets all take a look at I have checking out this site for several months. The person behind this site is a cool person. He works really hard, not only in life, but also on his site. He covers a lot of topics but the main draw to chirimotsumoreba is the great Sumo coverage.

That's right folks! If you want to keep abreast on the latest Sumo events this site is for you. I admit that I am not the biggest Sumo fan. To tell the truth, I really do not know so much about the rules and such. I still have yet to attend an actual event. None the less, I do enjoy reading about it and seeing videos of the matches. I guess you can call me a curious bystander. The sport looks to be interesting. chirimotsumoreba satisfies my curiosity of Japan`s traditional sport. The cool thing about the Sumo coverage on this site is that you get some play-by-play of each match. He seems to be very knowledgeable about the sport. This helps the reader to better get into the action. He almost always provides a video so you can see what happened. As an added bonus, he sometimes covers issues surronding the sport. For example in this post he looks at Sumos accusing each other of offering money to throw matches. The detailed coverage he offers helps to expose the world to Sumo. I commend him for these efforts because many people have no idea concerning the ends and outs of Japan`s traditional sport.

This site is not just about Sumo. He blogs about others thing as well. From time to time he will feature a photo along with a story about how the photo came about. I like reading the photo posts because he always seems to take a decent photo and provide a interesting tale to match. This one is a good example of what he runs across. Obama selling pachinko is something I never expected to see any place in the world. Yet, our pal at Chirimotsumoreba found Obama doing just that on a Saturday in Shibuya.

Give this site a good look. The Sumo coverage is great as well as all the other stuff you can find. The design is pretty professional, better than my scary layout, so it is easy to explore. I think that everyone will like this site.

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