Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lost in the Fast Lane

Hello world! As of late I have not been blogging. It looks as if I have abandoned my dear blog and those who come by for a read from time to time. Truth be known, I have been busy as a bee in recent weeks. Work has been keeping me busy as ever. I have been doing a lot of traveling around for work. I have been to please in and around the Tokyo area that I have never seen before. This has been a challenge but I have enjoyed myself for the most part. I have ran across some interesting people and gotten myself into some odd situations. It has been adventure for sure.

The biggest problem I am facing currently is my schedule. Finding time to do everything I want to do is a struggle. Not having any free time until around 10 pm or later, during my work days, really sucks. It seems as if I only have time for work, drinking, and sleep. The fast lane in Tokyo can be a real bitch at times. So much crazy shit happens in one day that when I get home I have a desire to shut myself off from everything. Too often recently, when I get home I eat, have one last drink, spend some a little time with the gal, and simply pass out. The next day the same crazy shit starts all over again.

Despite trying to hang with a very hectic schedule, I am having good time. Like I said, I have had some very interesting experiences recently. I will start blogging on a regular basis again. My life is just too weird to not make a record of it.

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Chris said...

I never blog when I'm in Hawaii, cuz I'm too busy having fun.

Not updating your blog is sometimes a very good sign.