Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Americans got Pig Flu

It looks as if a deadly flu is spreading across America. I am shocked but not surprised by this latest development. I mean, old glory has fallen on some hard times. The fatherland has been hit by the worst economic down turn in the nation`s history. Some people are losing everything. Near a million jobs have disappeared and children are going hungry. If America has not hit rock bottom yet, a deadly flu should make the country sink right to the bottom. I can only hope for the best in these dark days.

Lucky for me, I live in Tokyo where is no sign of the pig flu at all! The Japanese are so picky with their food that they are able to keep the pork flu free. I do wonder if there is any real risk of it landing on Japanese shores? I mean, Godzilla attacked Tokyo many times so what is stopping a little pig flu?

I know one thing, if a air born pig flu attacks Tokyo it will spread like wildfire on the trains. Trains are usually pretty packed during the morning hours. Those sleepy and pissed off salary men will pass that shit to each other in a matter of days. Even if they do get it I am willing to bet they still will not be late for work. They might show up squalling like a pig, but still early enough to have a cup of coffee.

All joking aside, this whole pig flu thing looks to be kind of serious. A lot of people are getting this shit. Hell, even a few nations in Asia are reporting cases. Japan has started turning away folks from Mexico as a way to prevent the disease from spreading. I hear that is no real cure for this nasty swine flu. If you get it you have to tough it out and hope you don`t die. At this point I am not extremely worried because it is not killing people world wide so much yet. We should be careful here in Japan because the pig heave love to screw, which could spread the flu faster, as evidence in the video below.

Pigs Have Sex During Japanese TV Broadcast - The most amazing home videos are here


Tornadoes28 said...

It's not that bad. Only one American has even had to go to the hospital. I bet this will all blow over without much problem.

Wholeflaffer said...

With all due respect, Tornadoes28, but this will not blow over. It is a pandemic, with no doubt. It is also been labeled a Stage 4 pandemic by the World Health Org. See here for more information: http://www.who.int/csr/disease/avian_influenza/phase/en/index.html

The point: this will get worse. It is a good signs that it has not caused any deaths here (though it has in Mexico). But we are in the very early stages of this.

TheGhost said...

What I am wondering is how long does it take for a pandemic to get bad? I am guessing it depends how strong the virus is and the manner in which it infects people.

Wholeflaffer said...

The rate at which pandemics grow vary by strain. In my mind, I have not seen a possible pandemic pan out this quickly in my lifetime. We already had one death announced in the US (a 26 month old baby), so we have gone from the investigation phase (level 1-2) to 4 in about a month. This suggest the strain will be very quick.

Unfortunately, we will no know when we are at the tip of the curve. It is only with several intervals of cases declining where you know you are on the way down.

Wholeflaffer said...

And the Nippon joins the ranks: here.