Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Communist Japan?

The idea of Japan becoming Communist truly boggles my mind. I am aware that the Reds have had a foot hold in Japan for decades. From my understanding they had been put in their place by Yaks after WW2. Yet, as I was reading an interesting article at about the recent raise of the Communist party in Japan, it appears that the Reds far from gone in the land of the raising sun.

It seems that the recent economic down turn is being seem as the reason for the increase in membership of the JCP. The people are worried about having a stable job and the future of their society. With a government that has been controlled too long by a failed political right; many Japanese youth are turning to the Communist for leadership though these tough times. The truth is the JCP has been increasing in numbers for the past several years. Not just from following the news but from my own experiences with the Tokyo punk/rock a` billy scene, there are more Communist living in Tokyo than one might expect.

For example, one evening I was hanging-out at a punk bar deep in the heart of Tokyo. I had this Japanese gal, who had been running around with me a lot at the time, with me. She sees come guy wearing a commie hat and says, `Communist are cool. They care about the people. I like Reds.`As shocked as I was by her statement, I was not surprised considering we where in a punk bar filled to the brim with Japanese youth. The JCP is using the same tactic others Communist groups across the globe have used in gain influence in society; win the hearts and minds of the youth. Mao`s cultural revolution is a classic example of how Communist will employ the discontent of the youth to gain power and influence over society. Currently, the JCP seems to be recruiting members from the `freeters` and the Japanese youth punk scene.

So, one has to wonder if the Communist party of Japan will ever gain strong enough influence in society to be in the drivers seat of the government? I would like to say no but considering the unstable government of Japan; anything is possible. For now the JCP holds a minor number of seats in the Japanese government. The majority of people are still smart enough not to give in to the lies of Communism.


Brian said...

But if it leads to a society with more punk music...

TheGhost said...

Well, I do like some good punk music. But commies are a different story all together.

Mr. Tony Alexander said...

So what's your official position on

TheGhost said...

Again Tony...go away..far away.

Jordan said...

The communists are already sort of all up in Japan's political establishment. Today's DPJ was once a splinter group of a broad socialist coalition. The more violent and "revolutionary" groups fought amongst each other and eventually coalesced into the JCP. Their antics early on have pretty much kept them in the shunned corner of politics for quite a long time and I doubt a bunch of do nothing freeters will revive them. I wouldn't worry about "the Reds" mang. They had their chance and barring any sort of wide-eyed corporate attempt to enslave the people of Japan they'll be representing under educated kids without ambition whose main goal in life is to fine gainful employment working baito for the rest of the party's existance.

I actually liked the "Theme of Luxury" myself. ;)

lol @ your comment to Tony.

Anonymous said...

you dont seem to know anything about socialism

read some marx,bakunin or kropotkin and not always the corporate media

Anonymous said...

I've got to ask, what makes you think all communists lie? What makes you think all 'commies' are bad?

If you're judging communism by the acts of Soviet Russia, then I wish you to know that was not a true communism. It was corrupt. The same kind of corruption that can run through any capitalist society.
It's like saying all democratic countries are evil because one country got it wrong.

Communism also does not equal dictatorship or tyranny. A democratic communism is perfectly viable.

From the sounds of things, you know very little about communism itself. Please, try to think for yourself, rather than instantly buying the propaganda you are spoon fed.