Friday, May 1, 2009

The Way to a Ghost`s Heart is to Buy Him a Case of Samuel Adams

If you want to get in my good graces real quick, all you have to do is buy me a case of my favorite beer. One of my instructors, Tony the sailor, understands the value of friendship. When he arrived at work yesterday he presented me with a case of the greatest beer created by the good old red, white and blue; Samuel Adams. I like Tony actually. I have even put my neck on the chopping block for him once. It was worth it because I feel that he has real potential as an instructor. Hell, how can I not like a guy who buys me a case of Sam.

I am, in effect, Tony`s boss. Although, I feel that I have been able to connect with him on a level that other management has failed to do. That is the secret to successful management; you have to make the personal connection with people. They have to feel that are working for you, rather than the company. Lets face it, most people hate the company they work for. Many people would rather stab their company in the back than take one for the team. This attitude can be changed and manipulated if you, as a leader, can make a personal connection with the workers. They will forget about how much they hate the company if they like you. They do things against their better judgment if they feel they are doing it for their friend rather than the company.

So, after receiving such a graceful gift from an instructor, I assume he feels that I am his friend. In truth I really am his friend. I know about his personal situation and what is happening in his life. I have taken the time to care about this fellow human. I buy him a beer from time to time,let him relax, and talk a little shit about various things. I try to get a good laugh out him. I want him to be a success. Although, I have had to bitch him out a few times about some professional things, he understands who butters my bread.

I hope to make these connections with as many instructors as possible. Hell, it improves moral greatly and give me a much more healthy social life. Sometimes I can talk an instructor into hanging with me totally removed from work; i.e. when we both have the same off day. This is good for them and good for me. We can have a good time and network about certain happens within the company.

So, here is a salute to Tony the sailor. May he become one of the best instructors in the company!


a freckle on your ass said...

You're doing that pansy talk again, I mean, speaking corporate. It's got you, and them.

(word verification: Ow My Balls!)

TheGhost said...

And you are just angry that I am moving up the latter and your not.

another freckle on your ass said...

It's ladder you fool!

And I'm not angry, actually, I'm happy for you, really. I just don't want to see you succumb to corporate nonsense when you've still got some independent notions in your delicately coifed head. Though it does pain me to hear you embrace corporate culture, as if it is slowly enveloping your rebel yell. Are you aware, or have you already begun justifying to yourself as most corporate drones often muse, "it's not too bad..."

100 "it's not too bads later," and where will you be?

reesan said...

Samuel Adams, eh? Never had it but after reading this post I am curious. Will have to look out for it.

TheGhost said...

@person with no name--I know you must have better things to do with your time than talking shit on the net. And you lack the balls to reveal who you are.

@reesan--damn good beer. You should try it.

a hand wrapped around your penis said...


You're pretty pathetic, don't take good advice when it's in your fucked up face, or perhaps you're just projecting your own weak-mindedness. Regardless, stop whining.

And, I don't care if you Massage your Boss' balls, and rim his hole for extra measure. I'm certain you'll have your raise regardless, so relax.

As for lacking balls, well, not everyone can have a pair like you: a poser walking around Tokyo like some costumed fruitcake. Hilarious! Greaser-Rock-A-Hillbilly shit in Tokyo no less is as intriguing as Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli playing Tonsil Hockey with Richie Cunningham as Matsuo 'Arnold' Takahashi nuts in the corner.

And next time I catch you looking in the mirror to check the doo, I'll be certain to yell out, "Kulture Whore! All image, no substance."

Have I yanked your chain? Good.

Now, I'm not here to hurt your feelings, just punch out a few words. Though you seem to take everyone of them wrong. Man! Not everyone wants to see you fail, even if you can't get your mind around the notion of you versus them.

I want you to succeed.

Do well, and stop whining! ^-^;;

TheGhost said...

Go Fuck yourself! Although I doubt your dick is big enough to pull off such a thing.

And you still have not revealed who you are...coward.

your left your pinkie toe said...

Coward, only works on idiots like yourself.

Stop being weak-minded.

Smart people don't reveal themselves, on the net or otherwise. Though I know you cannot fathom such things, being a wannabe costumed hero.

Scary really.

On another negative, you don't take constructive criticism very well, rather poorly actually. Then again, if I was sporting a goopy-doo, struting around English language schools with some dumb powertrip, yeah, I guess I'd be angry too.

TheGhost said...

You never get enough do you?

Michael John Grist said...

Ryan- this new detractor is pretty funny, you have to admit. And though he may have his 'hand firmly wrapped around your penis', I think he is genuinely looking out for you.

I'm impressed you're somebody's boss. Good job. Is it Nova? I know a few schools are still open. It can't be GEOS or AEON. Perhaps GABA?