Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Create your very own Pandemic

With all the talk of Pandemic these days, you might be wondering how something like this gets started. The wonders of the internet provide us with a way to experience the thrill of infecting the world with a deadly illness. Enter Pandemic 2 the game!

Oh yes! Enjoy the excitement of creating your very own Pandemic and killing off the world`s population. This game provides hours of fun featuring three different illness types and lots of options to make a Pandemic the world have never seen.

Japan is actually kind of hard to infect because it is an island. You can challenge yourself to see if you can wipe out the land of the raising sun. I know featuring such a game may be in bad taste at the moment, but I just cannot resist a game which brings reality to shocking life.

Go ahead and try this game out. If you are not worried about the swine flu yet, you will be after playing this game.